Kritika Online English Version Open Beta June 8th


The English version of Anime Action MORPG Kritika Online is finally going to go live this month starting on June 8th according to the official Playpark Facebook Page. Is it IP blocked? The game had two servers, one of them was IP blocked while the other one had no restriction. I'm not sure if they will implement a ninja block the last minute, but I was able to play the previous English beta just fine from USA.

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Shadowverse Open Beta Scheduled for Mid June


Cygames just announced that they're going to be kicking off the Open Beta / Soft Launch for both the English and Japanese versions of Shadowverse in Mid June. Just letting you guys know ahead of time so you can Pre-Register and get extra bonuses before the game goes live. The upcoming Open Beta is for the Android and iOS version. The Shadowverse Steam version may come at a later date, but you might as well get a headstart, right?

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Soulworker Online Open Beta Anime Action MORPG


NHN Hangame Japan just announced that Soulworker Online is going to launch Open Beta next week starting on March 30th. The official live service date starts on April 6th. Check out the full details and new trailer below along with some of my gameplay videos.

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Figureheads Open Beta Now Live


The Japanese version of Figureheads just phased into Open Beta today. The game is pretty solid so far, I've been enjoying it and recently unlocked a new garage for my mechs, I've got some custom ones now. I posted a picture of it below along with the official trailers for the corporations participating in the Figureheads W2BF league. I'll probably be posting some more gameplay videos this week or the next. Oh yeah, the game isn't IP blocked for those wondering.

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Tree of Savior Online International Open Beta Coming Soon


IMCGames just announced that the international version of the Tree of Savior Online will be coming out very soon! No exact date just yet, but rumors and fans are expecting the game to be out sometime next month. The game is pretty good and worth trying out, especially if you like the style. It's got some nice music too! Perhaps you'll see me run around in this version!

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Figureheads Open Beta Japanese Mecha Tactics TPS


Square Enix Japan is preparing to launch an Open Beta test for the squad based tactics mecha TPS Figureheads Online early next month. Users who are interested in playing the game can sign-up and join for the upcoming Pre-Open Beta this month. Check out the newest trailer below along with some of my previous beta gameplay footage.

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