Blade & Soul NA Launch See You There!


I've been playing Blade & Soul NA during the past few days and a lot of people have been asking me what server I'm currently playing on! Iksanun is my current server at the moment and have no plans on switching over to the other servers for the time being. I previously wanted to join the more crowded servers, but the login queues are going to be crazy, especially with the launch officially going live today! I'll hope to see some of you guys in my server or cross-server party system!

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Bless Online Open Beta Begins on January 27th


Bless Online is finally ready to jump into Open Beta later this month starting on January 27th. Users who are interested in playing the game can actually go ahead and start downloading the client today and customize their characters early. Open Beta will have six playable jobs along with a new playable race. A lot of content has been prepared for the Open Beta ranging from PvP, RvR, Dungeons, Raids, Taming System, world bosses, crafting and more.

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Monster Hunter Online Finally Entering Open Beta


Tencent China's exclusive CryEngine3 Monster Hunter Online is finally entering Open Beta with no strings attached. There have been numerous betas in the past that required users to enter a key, but not anymore! Hooray~! A friend of mine Aslind Samure, mentions that the Open Beta is scheduled to go live on December 17th this month!

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Arpiel Online Open Beta Anime MORPG Is Just Around the Corner


Nexon Korea and Ngine Studio's upcoming new title Arpiel Online is few days away from Open Beta! The title didn't look all that interesting at first until I actually tested it! I'm most likely going to try out the Open Beta and see if the game is enjoyable to continue playing the 2nd time around.

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Ghost in the Shell Online Steam Possible December Release


It looks like the English version of Ghost in the Shell Online FPS is going to be on both Steam and Nexon launcher. The steam page for the game says Release Date in "December 2015" though it's unclear if it's going to be a Closed Beta, Open Beta, or straight into the actual release. I had a bit of fun playing the KR version, so I may check out the English version, especially when it's better ping for me living in the US.

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