Tree of Savior and Arpiel Open Beta in December


It's now been confirmed by Inven that Arpiel Online and Tree of Savior Online will launch Open Beta in South Korea starting next month. While no specific date has been set for Tree of Savior Online other than sometime in December, Arpiel on the other hand, will kick off Open Beta starting on December 3rd.

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Tree of Savior Open Beta in December for South Korea


The big gaming convention in South Korea kicks off in a few days and someone managed to take a picture of a new Tree of Savior poster around the area stating that Open Beta is going to go live sometime next month. You can see the image below through the discussion on both the Reddit Post or Facebook Post. New information will be revealed soon along with a brand new trailer and perhaps Rank 7 classes!

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Civilization Online Pre-Open Beta Schedule


Civilization Online is almost ready to be released with a new Pre-Open Beta scheduled to go live early next month. A new teaser website just went live revealing details about the game's unique system.

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Asker Online Action MORPG Open Beta


Action MORPG Asker Online just went into Open Beta test starting today. I decided to login and see what's new in the Open Beta version of Asker Online. I recorded one new gameplay video of my Open Beta adventures below, not sure if I will be playing or writing a review this time around as I have other games to test!

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