Moonlight Blade Open Beta July 1st Registration Guide


I have a surprise for you guys today! Moonlight Blade is phasing into Open Beta on July 1st, which is tomorrow or in a few days depending on where you live. Either way creating an account is fairly simple and the game isn't IP blocked, so you're more than welcome to try out the game given you've got the integrity to deal with games in other languages.

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MapleStory2 Online Festival Event as Grand Opening Nears


Nexon Korea is going all out with their MapleStory2 Online budget during the past few months giving away various MapleStory2 PC's, sharing events, new weekly trailers, and more. They also held a MapleStory2 Festival event a few days ago where players received a chance to try the game out for 2 hours. Players were given access to unlimited gold, cash money, and max level characters. Check out the new trailers below and my MS2 Festival adventures!

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Revelation Online Open Beta Guide Early Character Creation


Flying MMORPG Revelation Online is finally ready to soar the skies into a full Open Beta phase with no beta key required starting on June 19th. Players who are interested in this MMORPG can create characters as early as today. I made a new short registration guide below that will help you get started! The game went into an early access Open Beta around January, but it required a key. However, now that it's gone full OBT, you can easily play!

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Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Open Beta


Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded is going to fly into Open Beta starting on August 6th! Players can also sign up for the Pre-Open Beta test that will take place a week early before the Open Beta. Hopefully the servers are much more stable this time around! New content will be added such as new areas, characters, custom matches, friend system, title system, costumes, character balancing, and more. Check out the trailer and some gameplay videos below.

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Dragons Dogma Online Entering Live Service August 31st


Capcom Japan had just announced that Dragon's Dogma Online is going to be entering live service starting on August 31st! The final Closed Beta for the game starts early next month on July 7th and conclude on July 15th. The game will be available in PC, PS4, and PS3! I'm normally not interested in console to PC ports, but thi upcoming Action MORPG looks very good. I've compiled all promo trailers along with bonus stuff below. 

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MapleStory 2 Online Opening Schedule and Events


MapleStory 2 Online just received an official opening date and it starts on July, 7th at 7:00PM KST, lucky 777! The game will have a level 30 cap, field bosses, dungeon adventures, shadow world open PvP, guild war, user created content, and more. That's right no OBT, straight to live! The level cap will also go up to 40 sometime in July followed by another level 50 cap patch in August.

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