MapleStory 2 Online Open Beta in July Nexon Korea


The final test for Nexon Korea's MapleStory 2 Online had just ended and the game received a lot of positive feedback from the community. With that said, the game is ready to move forward with Open Beta scheduled to go live sometime in July! I'm looking forward to participating in Open Beta and perhaps write a detailed review, if I end up playing it for a month or two. Meanwhile, you can check out my new MS2 videos below from the final test.

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MASTER X MASTER Open Beta Test on May 1st


NCSoft just launched a new website for Master X Master today showing off a new trailer along with the new playable characters for the upcoming final test scheduled to start on May 1st! Looks like they also added a character from Wild Star Mondo Zax! First time hearing about MXM? No problem, check out my lengthy and detailed MASTER X MASTER Beta Review.

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Icarus Online CryEngine3 MMORPG Open Beta Nears with Early Character Creation


CryEngine 3 Flying MMORPG Icarus Online just received a new trailer for the upcoming Japanese Open Beta scheduled to go live later this month. Starting on April 16th, players will be able to reserving their character names along with creating their perfect looking toon. Below you will find a lot of raw gameplay videos along with the latest teaser trailer for your viewing pleasure.

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Cosmic Break 2 Storms Into Open Beta followed by Live Service


Cosmic Break 2 Online is rushing into Open Beta this month starting on April 24th! All of the Open Beta data will be carried on over to the official service in other words no data wipe when the game goes live on April 30th. The game didn't have an IP block during the last test and players will be able to use their CBT account for the Open Beta.

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Blade & Soul Japan is Now Free to Play Starting Today


The Japanese version of Blade & Soul Online is now Free to Play. Is it surprise? Nope, not really having personally played and tested a few months of the overpriced Japanese version, I knew that the game wouldn't last that long with the current P2P model. Plus there are already free versions of the game in other countries! Meanwhile, the NA/EU version is still in the dark. It also looks like the Japanese version is about to get Warlock Class later today or tomorrow.

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Closers Online Open Beta is Now Live with New Animation Intro Trailer


Closers Online went live yesterday featuring various cash shop items and a lot of outfits for the three playable characters! Unfortunately, both J and Mistletein aren't going to be playable until early next year around January and February along with more content updates and new areas. Meanwhile, you can check out the full version of the Animated intro later below.

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