MMOJRPG Alchemia Story Launches in Japan Tomorrow

alchemia main

Asobimo is releasing their new mobile MMOJRPG Alchemia Story which features real-time active turn-based combat where players manually use skills, guard, block, cast spells, and more! Players are also able to simultaneously perform special team attacks with their NPC or other players in combat as long as they activate skills that synergize with each other with perfect timing.

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Tera M Grand Opening Relive the Experience on the Go

teraM new main

Tera M just went live a few hours ago and I'm currently playing it, I mean auto-playing it while writing this notification post! Tera was one of the few Korean MMORPG's that got me into playing Korean games, so I definitely had to check out Netmarble's Mobile version. I made a couple gameplay videos below revealing the playable characters and the starting gameplay for everyone's beloved Elin.

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SoulWorker Mobile Anime MMORPG No Wipe Beta Kicks Off


The SoulWorker Anime MMORPG is now playable on the mobile device! I just finished trying it out for a bit, it was still the same from the previous beta so I'm gonna skip out on creating a new video. The servers seemed really packed, I took a screenshot shown below with my new character. There are only three playable characters which are Lily, Haru, and Erwin. No Stella T_T! Anyhow, the beta might be a first come first serve basis or what not, just a heads up for those SoulWorker fanatics. I wonder if this version actually has the approval seal of Liongames the original PC developer?!

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Wild Buster Heroes of Titan Early Access Begins on December 14th

wild buster visual

The English Version of the Science Fiction MMORPG Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is going to be jumping into Steam Early Access starting next month on December 14th! With over 24 planned heroes to choose from, you'll most likely find a class that fits your playstyle or perhaps a cameo character would suit your taste better such as Serious Sam or Duke Nukem!? The game also features over 500 questions, 20 unique dungeons, raid instances, group PvP, PvP zones, and more.

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SoulWorker English Open Beta Delayed to Next Year

soul worker main

In light of recent Anime MMORPG related news, GameForge has announced that they're postponing the Open Beta test for SoulWorker Online to Q1 2018. They were hoping to finish everything by year's end, but decided to delay the test to next year so that they can focus on delivering a perfect game for the SoulWorker community. Just letting you guys know since I get questions about this game every now and then. You're gonna have to wait just a tad bit longer.

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Infinite Stratos: Archetype Breaker PC Open Beta is Now Live

infinite stratos

Open Beta has begun for the PC version of Infinite Stratos: Archetype Breaker. The mobile version will be released at a later date. Might be worth checking out if you're a fan of the Anime or want to simply interact with your favorite IS characters. From what I've seen, it looks like Super Robot Wars meets Infinite Stratos. The animations look kind of cringey, you can check out the 60FPS gameplay video below from Nobusi. There are a lot of other titles coming out this week, so I'm gonna have to pass up on this one.

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Arknights Awakening Closed Beta Recruitment Begins

ark knights main

Arknights Awakening Closed Beta is just around the corner and it only takes a minute to sign-up using the form provided below. A lot of people have been waiting for new information about this game, so here I am just writing a quickie post notification on it! I haven't done much research on this title, but the PV and art looks amazing, so I signed up!

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Tencent Debuts Europa A High-Quality Battle Royale Game

europa main

Tencent just debuted and launched the teaser page for Europa an upcoming Battle Royale Game with high-quality graphics! The game is powered by QuickSilver X which is the same engine used for Tencent's Moonlight Blade Online. Tencent owns exclusive publishing rights to the Chinese version of PUBG. With this title, it seems like they're trying to monopolize the battle royale series! They also have random PUBG mobile clones too. You can check out the Chinese STEAM page below, though I'm wondering why they aren't publishing it on their own Steam called "WeGame" perhaps they're trying to catch the global audience?

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Anime MMORPG Caravan Stories Launches Tomorrow in Japan

caravan main

AIMING's cross-platform Anime MMORPG Caravan Stories comes out on the 28th, which is tomorrow in Japan! Would I recommend it? Yeah, the game is definitely worth trying out, just for the unique and cutesy graphics. The language barrier won't be much of a problem since it's a mobile'ish game that offers auto helper stuff. Never heard of this game? No problem, check out all the teasers below!

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