Lost Ark Closed Beta 2 Rumor Scheduled to Start Around June or July

lost ark qa

Although just a rumor and nothing set in stone, someone from LostArkDB had a chat with a Smilegate employee and they mentioned that the next Closed Beta for the Korean version of Lost Ark Online is scheduled to start sometime in June or July. I'm totally excited for another beta of Lost Ark since the PC gaming market in both Korea and Japan has been super slow and dead.

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Kingdom Under Fire 2 New Epic Raid System


Just a tiny update today! The Chinese version of Kingdom Under Fire II just released a new teaser trailer introducing a new large raid battle system. It looks like the Chinese version is getting a lot of new content and graphics compared to the English version. A couple of years has passed since I've last played this game, so I'm thinking of checking out the Chinese version that is currently in Closed Beta with data carrying on over to release.

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Knights Chronicle Cinematic Turn-Based RPG Launches in Japan


Netmarble Japan's fully voiced cinematic turn-based RPG Knights Chronicle just came out yesterday and I've been rerolling like crazy only to find out that the first 10 rolls is rigged. Holy moly, I've been waiting for this game to come out for quite some time now and was so disappointed that you can't reroll for the special "Knights" characters mentioned in the Japanese wiki. Apparently, you can get them, just super ultra mega rare.

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Bravely Default Fairy's Effect Pre-Registrations


Bravely Default Fairy's Effect is one of those upcoming mini mobile MMORPG's featuring real-time co-op and no stamina wall system. Square Enix recently released a new teaser trailer, but it doesn't really show much in terms of gameplay or graphics. Luckily, I still have some gameplay footage from the previous test for your viewing pleasure below. I'm a sucker when it comes to games with this kind of co-op system so I might play it on release unless the I get owned by the Gacha!

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Twilight Spirits Online New Loli Magician Added in Next Week's Closed Beta

twilight cbt

Action MORPG Twilight Spirits Online is having another Closed Beta next week introducing a new playable magical witch girl with healing and support abilities. You can check out the latest trailer below featuring the new playable character. I didn't really enjoy the game during the previous beta so I'm going to skip out on this one. I'll probably just wait for the Open Beta and give the game another go. If you're interested in reading my first impressions of the game, you can do so here.

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Honkai Impact Japanese Version Now Available and Gameplay Preview


Just letting you guys know that the Japanese version of the game is now available! Not a bad game to try out if you're looking to test the capabilities of your device. I actually played this game on my PC using an emulator since it's easier to record gameplay footage from there. Some of you guys might have already tried the Chinese version last year since it was pretty hyped shortly after it was released. You get a handful of Gacha tickets after finishing the tutorial, I suggest rerolling if you didn't receive a special character from the Gacha. Enjoy!

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Hyper Universe Gets a New Playable Sexy Succubus Character

hyper new

Cwavesoft and Nexon Korea just released the new Succubus character in their 4v4 side-scrolling action MOBA game called Hyper Universe! You can check out her teaser trailer below showing off her skills and a new high-quality Angel skin that I ended up purchasing. The English version of this game was announced awhile back so make sure to sign up for that if you haven't yet!

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Aerith Gainsborough Gameplay Preview in Mobius Final Fantasy

mobius final fantasy vii aerith

Aerith Gainsborough was recently added in the ongoing Final Fantasy VII event for the Japanese version of Mobius Final Fantasy. Seeing her in the event caught me by surprise, this is the first collab card for Meia featuring Aeris or Aerith. I was actually saving my Magicite and then this Gacha appeared. I went and YOLO'ed a couple of draws and managed to get her, GG! I was so excited and happy that I immediately maxed her out to make a gameplay video for you guys below! 

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God Eater Online Launches In Japan

choco sword god eater

God Eater Online just launched in Japan and is now available for download on the Android device while the iOS version is slightly delayed will become available as soon as Apple verifies and check the game. Whoa, I somehow managed to guess the release date correctly when I wrote about the game coming out around Valentine's day XD! The game is super huge so prepare for a download. I've posted both new release and beta version gameplay videos below.

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