AxE Alliance X Empire Teaser Site Countdown

axe mobile

Nexon's AxE - Alliance X Empire just received a new teaser page with a countdown for early game reservation. AxE is an upcoming F2P Open World faction based RvR MMORPG. Once a player reaches level 20, they will start sharing quests with the other enemy faction players thus forcing players to PK or PvP against the opposing faction on the field.

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Caravan Stories 2nd Trailer Revealed for Cross Platform Anime MMORPG


Even though my hype for Caravan Stories has settled down, I'm still keeping a close eye on the game from time to time. A new trailer was released last week showing off a big world boss. The promotion movie is actually the continuation of the first trailer. I've added the old teaser in the article just in case you need a little refreshment. The flying Calvalryvans does look interesting! The game will be available on both the PC and mobile device.

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Blade & Soul 2 in Development and It's Going to Be a Mobile Game

bns mobile

NCSoft Korea is going all out in the mobile gaming industry with the 2nd installment of Blade & Soul for the mobile device. That's right, players will be able to play the new Blade & Soul 2 on the go anywhere they want. There are currently no images of the game available for viewing at the moment. They're expecting to launch the Blade & Soul Mobile game next year along with the Korean version of the Aion Mobile game that might be the same as the English one that recently came out or a real MMORPG version that was stated in the recent conference.

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Durango: Wild Lands Prehistoric Survival MMORPG Closed Beta Just Started


The new Closed Beta for Durango: Wild Lands just started for those located in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. I had a lot of fun testing this game back then and it's definitely a game that I would recommend to try out. The servers are congested at the moment so it's really hard to login. However, you can still play through the prologue and make your character. Just a warning that all data will be DELETED in this beta!

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Closers Online Wolfgang Schneider is Now Playable New Trailer

closers wolf gang

Naddic Games and Nexon Korea just released Wolfgang Schneider a new playable male wizard character in the Anime Action MMORPG Closers Online. Taking a closer look at the latest gameplay trailer shown below, it looks like he is going to be spending a lot of time in the air attacking with spells and skills. The game has a lot of events going on including summer bonuses which might be nice for those looking to return to the game.

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Black Desert Online Mystic Teaser Trailer

mystic main

The Mystic teaser trailer was just released for the Korean version of Black Desert Online. This is just a teaser trailer and I believe that there will probably be another trailer showing off her gameplay next week when she officially becomes available. For the time being, players are able to login to create and customize their Mystic characters early. Just a mini post update, you can check out the teaser below.

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Moonless God Cute Tactics RPG with Japanese Voices

moon divine

Pre-Registrations for the Moonless God 《神无月》Divine is now available along with the newly released website that was just updated earlier today. From there, you will discover a lot of fancy looking artwork, screenshots, videos, and a bunch of high-quality wallpapers. I actually tested this game out, so I've got a new gameplay video for ya below. Another data wipe test is scheduled to start later this month on July 26th for the mobile device.

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Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest A New 3D Action RPG from Gumi

dragon nest mobile 2018

Gumi just launched the Pre-Registration page for Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest, a new 3D Action RPG for your mobile device. Players will be able to activate skills and perform various combos using a mixture of Normal Attack, Special Attack, and the Dodge button. The boss battles will also be different in this version as they will have more than one hit box with breakable parts and weak spots.

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