Project Tokyo Dolls Not Just Another Idol Game

tokyo wut dolls

Project Tokyo Dolls is a title that I've been ignoring because I actually thought it was just another Japanese idol music game, but as it turns out, there is more to it! They release a game system trailer a few days ago showing off the combat mechanics and it's combo and timing based. I've suddenly taken an interest in this game in hopes that it will actually play nice. Project Tokyo Dolls is scheduled to come out really soon, like June 22ish soon! You can still Pre-Register for the game. Gotta hit that Gem mileage mark for rerollers bonus or something.

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Tango 5 is a PvP Real-time Tactics RPG with Friendly Fire

t5 last dance aru

I was totally out of things to play the other day, so I picked up Studio One and Thingsoft's real-time tactics PvP game called Tango 5. Thingsoft is also the same developer behind the upcoming Anime MMORPG Peria Chronicles! Tango 5's simultaneous PC and mobile release was last week so I wanted to hop in while it's still fresh!

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Astellia Online a Trailer of Playable Characters for the Upcoming Beta

astellia main

Nexon Korea released a handful of new gameplay videos featuring the upcoming playable characters of their new upcoming TCG MMORPG Astellia Online. The 1st CBT for the game officially starts tonight. Astellia Online is surprisingly large in terms of file size my game folder is almost up to 30gigs! Anyhow, I've compiled all of the gameplay trailers into one video for easier viewing below. I'll be posting some of my gameplay videos of the game soon!

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New Elementalist Character Now Playable in Kingdom Under Fire II

kuf2new ele

The new Elementalist character just came out a few days ago and I wanted to post a couple preview videos before I go off and disappear this weekend to level her up some more. This version of Kingdom Under Fire II is very much alive and is going to get updated often unlike the SEA version that's probably like Ghost town or dead. The developers are planning on rolling more updates and new playable characters every 4-5 months to keep players busy.

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Hyper Universe English Closed Beta Starts June 23rd

hyper new

The first Closed Beta for the English Version of Hyper Universe starts late next week on June 23rd! The upcoming CBT will not have an NDA this time around so players can finally upload and share their experience on streaming sites or social media! Hyper Universe is a lot of fun and I do recommend signing up for the beta. The game is definitely different in terms of the usual MOBA style, you must try it for the experience alone! I've posted some of my latest gameplay adventures below since I like to play a few matches every now and then.

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Conqueror's Blade New Gameplay Video Revealed at E3 2017

conq blade main

Booming Games debuted a new gameplay video and a playable demo featuring the English version of War Rage also known as Conqueror's Blade. The free to play action combat game will feature both exciting close combat battles along with strategy RPG elements to easily command units using the 1~5, X, C, and V keys. The Chinese version of the game is about to enter another Closed Beta this month or the next, so expect to see some more new gameplay footage from testers.

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Lineage 2 Revolution Now Playable in English and Other Languages


The global version of Lineage II Revolution is finally available for download! I've always wanted to try the game out in English so I abandoned the Korean version and migrated on over to the Global version. I'm currently playing on Aden 01! The game does have a lot of auto-mechanics involved so even if you see me, I might be AFK grinding, lol. I added a gameplay of both the English and Korean version below.

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Rebellious Million Arthur CG Trailer Revealed for Upcoming Mobile MMORPG

ma3 cg

The third installment of the Million Arthur series was announced a few months ago as Rebellious Million Arthur. An upcoming mobile MMORPG with open world features. I was investigating the current status of the game and recently discovered a never before seen CG trailer for the game that was posted by Eastern Game Group. I also noticed that they're recruiting for the beta which requires a cellphone, but that might have been there from the start.

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Get Your Master X Master Nurse Poharan Skin

mxm nurse

Not much gaming news in Asia due to the E3 event. Just wanted to let you guys know that you can donate to charity and get a free Master X Master Nurse Poharan Skin. Being a fan of both MXM and B&S I definitely jumped on the boat right away and donated. I'll be seeing you guys on launch though I may be late to the party since I've got other games to test around the time of the release. You've got a little over five days to decide before the E3 deal expires.

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