Moonlight Blade G-Star 2017 Trailer and Event Booth Pictures

moonlight main

Moonlight Blade is one of those games that needs more G-Star 2017 love and attention. Having participated in the previous test, the localization team seems to be working hard on providing users with a fully Korean dubbed version. Their teaser websites are also well made and there is a lot of text going over Moonlight Blade lore, clan origins, etc. I often stop by the Chinese version of the game to check out the new outfits and fly around. Anyhow, take a break from Mobile-Star 2017 and watch some PC stuff below.

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Seven Knights II Playable Characters and Raid Preview

seven knights 2 charlist main

Netmarble teased more characters for the upcoming MMORPG Seven Knights II for the mobile device earlier today. I highlighted the playable character select screen along with the real-time raid boss battle between two teams competing for free SWAG during the 2nd day of the G-Star 2017 event. Check out the gameplay video below along with my HD character screenshots, feel free to reuse em, just right click save. A quick reminder, you can check out the Netmarble Stream schedule in English from my post last week.

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Ascent Infinite Realm G-Star 2017 Floor Demo Various Links to Gameplay and Streams

air cbt

A lot of my followers have been hungry for Ascent Infinite Realm gameplay so I just wanted to link you guys to various floor demo videos and gameplay straight out of G-Star 2017! Make sure you check out the links and channels provided at the bottom of the article to support them! Most of the videos have Korean titles so Foreigners often have problems finding gameplay. Anyhow, check out the originals below and enjoy! I also suggest following English AIR forums for more livestream links. 

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Cute Anime Fantasy MMORPG Ar:piel is Coming to Japan


WeMade and NHN Hangame released a new trailer and launched their teaser pages for the upcoming cute and charming fantasy school life Anime MMORPG Ar:piel Online. Just a quickie news update for those looking to try out the Japanese version in the future. I'd probably try out this version if they decided to fully dub the localization. It would be nice to finally understand some of the story and stuff.

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Tera M 3v3 Gameplay from Netmarble Livestream and Floor Demo Gameplay

teraM new main

Netmarble showcased a bunch of Tera M PvP Gameplay on their live session earlier today and I wanted to show you guys what it looks like so I recorded one of the matches shown below. To my surprise, Netmarble went along with a MOBA themed 3v3 system where you push one lane within the 5-minute timer. Not bad! Popori seems to be dominating, time to be a big fluff? Tera M is to be released in 12 days, so expect some HD gameplay from me later!

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Mabinogi Mobile Gets A New Teaser Trailer Fantasy Life Hype

mab m main

Nexon and devCAT revealed a new Mabinogi Mobile gameplay video for G-Star 2017 today. Experience a cute and charming Mabinogi Fantasy Life experience all over again on the go! The latest trailer shows new areas, monsters, life skills, pets, dungeon crawling, party gameplay, and more. You may even recognize some characters from the original, now where is my favorite Blacksmith? Being an old school Mabinogi player, I'm definitely gonna try this game out once it becomes available.

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Summoners War MMORPG & Other Titles Revealed by Com2uS

com2us new main games

Com2uS just revealed five new titles today for the upcoming G-Star 2017 event tomorrow! Below you will find a trailer showing gameplay for Summoners War MMORPG, Birdie Crush, Dancevil, Chain Strike, and Heroes War II. There are a few titles that I would probably try out from the list. I'm mostly interested in the golf game, lol.

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Icarus M New Teaser Revealed for G-Star 2017 Event

icarus mobile new

The Unreal Engine 4 version of Icarus M for the mobile device is looking pretty good in the latest trailer that was revealed earlier today. Players can check out the new real-time flying raids, field boss battles, taming various creatures, action combat, racing events, and more! G-Star 2017 starts tomorrow so expect more reveals and lengthier previews to come! Netmarble will also be streaming this game live, check out the schedule here.

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Unreal Engine 4 Blade & Soul Revolution Gets A New Teaser

bns r new tease

Netmarble Korea just released a cinematic gameplay teaser for their upcoming new Blade & Soul Revolution powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and to be played on the mobile device. Take a brief look at the flying system, boss monsters, PvP, faction war, and story. The trailer is only a minute long so your gonna have to wait for longer teasers and actual gameplay starting tomorrow at G-Star 2017 Korean gaming media show event. Make sure to check out the showtimes post, if you want to follow this title!

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