Master X Master Launches on June 21st

mxm launch

Master X Master is officially launching on June 21st! Totally excited and hyped for this game as I've enjoyed playing all of the alphas and betas so far. I'm hoping to meet and play with you guys! I'm happy it's coming out in English first for ping advantage, lol. I'll probably be PvE'ing a lot during the first few days with a couple PvP match here and there. I'm thinking of getting the middle founders pack just to support the game. I'd link you guys to the founders, but I don't do sponsored stuff so just check it out on their site on your own.

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Twilight Spirits Action MORPG Open Beta This Month

twilight main

Netease's Action MORPG Twilight Spirits is going to launch Open Beta near the end of this month on June 29th. A super early announcement, but it should give players a lot of time to free up their schedule and get their hands on an account or create one for free by checking out guides on via Google power! Definitely going to try the game out again to check out the new improvements and try out the magician girl. I've posted the latest trailer along with some older beta footages of my adventures as Blade Master and Assassin.

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Solidus Survival Simulation Action RPG Launches on June 9th

solidus main

Solidus is going to be released next week on June 9th! The game is bound to have some lewd looking characters just like their previous CCG title Unleashed. I actually tested this game last month and it was nifty. The game ran fairly smooth and the artwork was very high-quality. It would be nice if the Animation was on par with the graphics. I've posted a long gameplay below, which might spark an interest for you test it out next week. Do know that the game has some complicated base and management features that I left out in my gameplay preview.

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Blade & Soul New CG Trailer for Maestro the Gunslinger


NCSoft just launched the Pre-Registration page along with a brand new CG trailer featuring the new Maestro job in action for the Korean version of Blade & Soul. Unfortunately, pre-registering does require a valid Korean phone number, so you'll have to bug a friend to get that special outfit that's obtainable for free by registering early. Meanwhile, you can check out the new trailer below or at the official NCSoft Youtube Channel.

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Classic MMORPG Record of Lodoss War Online English Version Grand Opening

lodoss war main

The English version of the classic old school themed MMORPG Record of the Lodoss War Online just went live today. I haven't played this game since like... I can't even remember so I went ahead and tested the game out for a couple of hours. The game feels super old like those browser games that people made a few years back, except this one has a standalone client. Definitely not a game for everyone due to how ancient the game looks, lol. I've posted the official trailer along with my new gameplay adventure below.

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Terra Battle Now Available for PC in Various Languages


AndApp just added Terra Battle to their library and players can now download and play the game on their PC! I just finished testing it out and it works just fine without any IP blocks. I was able to play the game in English! However, the website itself is in Japanese, but with enough clicking around, I'm sure you'll figure it out. I used to play this game a lot before I lost my data >_< ended up loving it like I did with PAD. Lastly, you can LINK your game DATA from Mobile to PC! Hooray... now if I only had mine XD. Ninja added some PC screenies below.

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Valkyrie Connect Global Version Gets Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works Event

valk fate main

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works is now in the Global Version of Valkyrie Connect for a limited time. I know there are a lot of Fate fans out there so I'm doing a quickie news article on it just incase you want to collect your favorite characters. They just opened another new dungeon today where players can collect enough souls to unlock Rin Tohsaka. Anyhow, happy soul hunting if you do decide to play! Fate is everywhere lately, lol.

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SINoALICE Gameplay System Revealed


Square Enix just released the gameplay and system trailer for SINoALICE showing off game graphics and features. The game offers real-time battles, cross story system, weapon story, and job story. It also looks like there is an auto-play button on the bottom so you can be lazy, lol. The combat system doesn't look anything new, it reminds me Logres or the latest Bravely mobile game where you have multiple weapons equipped. Players will be able to level up their weapons and unlock special stories similar to Drakengard. I'll test the game out once it becomes available and see if it's worth recommending to others. 

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Master X Master English Beta Starting Soon


Just a quick write up to let you guys know that Master X Master is having a Closed Beta Test tomorrow! You can still sign-up for the beta and download the client early by visiting the official MXM Closed Beta Guide. NCSoft also posted a lot of new changes to the game which includes balance changes, graphics upgrade, game improvements, system changes, revamped features, and more. I'll be dropping by in this beta so make sure to meow at me when ya see me prancing around. 

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