Shadowverse English Steam Version Coming Soon


Shadowverse is making its way to PC via Steam this month. According to the official Shadowverse Tweet, the game is to undergo maintenance on October 26th to prepare for the Steam release. If it's anything like the DMM JP version, players will be able to link their accounts from both Android or iOS device. I'm all up for the PC version, now just give fans dual audio or optional JP voices!

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Mobius Final Fantasy to Launch on PC via Steam Japan


The Japanese version of Mobius Final Fantasy is going to be getting a PC version next month featuring 1920x1080 Full HD landscape orientation gameplay and supporting up to 4K Resolution. Whoa, that sounds really nice, but players might have to start over from scratch from the way things are looking with the Pre-Registration events. I'm a bit curious to see how the Steam version runs so I'll be trying it out on release!

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Peria Chronicles Quality Translated Lore Update


A Korean friend of mine who has been following Peria Chronicles just finished doing some quality translation for the recent Peria Chronicles Online background story and lore that was recently posted on the official page a few days ago. You can jump straight to their page or check out tid bits of it below.

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Hyper Universe Side-Scrolling Action MOBA Open Beta Next Month


The side-scrolling Action MOBA Hyper Universe Online is finally jumping into Open Beta next month starting on November 22nd. You should be all set for the upcoming Open Beta if you've played other Nexon Korea games. If you happen to have a Korean friend or cellphone, you can sign-up for the Pre-Registration events and stuff. Oops, I must be reading my dates wrong since I thought it was this week. One month away, the wait is going to kill me, pretty busy scheduled next month also!

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Peria Chronicles Online Background Story Revealed


The Peria Chronicles Facebook team recently posted an English background story for Peria Chronicles Online. I was a bit taken back when I saw the post in English and had to do a double-take to make sure my browser didn't auto-translate it. I suggest reading it below or from the official page especially if you want to learn more about the monsters of Peria Chronicles Online. I vaguely remember writing something about the Kirana system during an interview awhile back, but it's been way too long.

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Granblue Fantasy Light Team Adventures


Granblue Fantasy is one of the longest mobile game that I have played and ironically enough I don't even play it on mobile because it runs smoother on PC. It's been a little over a year of grinding on and off and I feel like I've hit a wall in terms of progression for my Light team. Sure, I can p2w and beat the game faster, but there really is nothing after that. The game is in desperate need of better end-game content seeing as how the last two failed Defend Order and Arcanum Wars.

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Star Ocean: Anamnesis Announced Revealing Previous Characters from the Series


Square Enix and tri-Ace just updated their teaser page for their upcoming smartphone game Star Ocean: Anamnesis today with new artwork showing off characters from previous Star Ocean titles. You can also listen to the two new BGM's added on the official teaser page. More details will be revealed later this week on the 20th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping the game will be good and not some low-quality mobile grab.

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Extra Dimensional War Anime ARPG


One of my followers suggested that I should try out the Anime ARPG Extra Dimensional War by Neatease. Looking at the screenshots found on the official website the game reminded me of Kritika and SoulWorker except it's played on your phone or tablet device. Being a curious cat, I decided to download and try the game out. One of the key features of the game is the Super Saiyan transformation system shown in the video below. It looks like players can also play as Guest easily without having to create an account.

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Hyper Universe Online Final Test Highlights


I had some free time this week so I decided to make a short 5-minute gameplay preview of Hyper Universe from the final test. I'm probably going to be playing it a lot on release in between other games. My favorite hero in this game is Super Girl because she's an awesome bruiser and ganker with the ability to crash floors vertically! Lee is my second fav. as he can storm in and out of fights easily as seen in my highlights video showing some 2v4 with Lee and a support character. Olga is just OP in terms of poking enemies to death!

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