Kingdom Under Fire II Gets A New Playable Elementalist Girl Next Week

kuf2 ele update

An Elementalist summoner like support character is coming out in the Taiwanese version of Kingdom Under Fire II Online. The little high-elf girl can summon various beasts and elementals to help her out in combat! If you're interested testing the new character out, you can do so when she officially becomes available next week on June 15th. Registering an account for the Taiwanese version of KUF2 is super simple and should only take a minute.

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Durango Prehistoric Survival MMORPG Global Release Coming Soon


What! Studio just released a new trailer on their upcoming Prehistoric survival mobile MMORPG Durango. The latest trailer to be featured in the upcoming E3 2017 Gaming convention here in the USA. The official Facebook page mentioned that it's coming soon, while there are other "rumored" reports from Chinese sites that the game is going to be released near the end of this month. Hype!? Durango's latest trailer doesn't show much gameplay, but I've got your back! Check out some of my gameplay videos from the previous test below.

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Moonlight Blade Online to Receive Loli Characters Soon Here is What They Look Like

moonloli blade

Moonlight Blade or should I said Moonloli Blade Online is going to be getting loli characters next week! A new trailer was just released featuring the new look, emotes, and interaction with other female and male players of the game. The adolescent character in the Chinese version is supposed to be slightly older and taller compared to the upcoming Korean version due to Chinese people complaining that they wanted a teenish character instead of a very young character. I wonder if they're planning on adding shotas in the game? All images credits belong to 17173 News. Enjoy!

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Atelier Online Scheduled to Launch This Year in Japan For Smartphones

 atelier online mobile

Gust, NHN PlayArt, and Koei Tecmo teamed up together and is bringing on over a cute new Atelier game for the smartphone device called Atelier Online Alchemists of Bureseiru! Featuring online support, players can now meet other players in the world, quest together, craft items, solo or enjoy hunting with a group of players. A beautiful world where players can collect items that is only available during the specific seasons. Players are also able to freely customize their clothing, skills, interact with others using stamps, and more. Scheduled to come out later this year in Winter, totally going to play it.

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Destiny 6 Mobile Strategic Action RPG Launches in South Korea

destiny6 main

I was on the fence in terms of writing a short news post on this one, since they're planning on blocking Foreigners from accessing the Korean version because it's coming out in English at a later date. The game looks cute and people are saying that it might be their next Seven Knights game, even though that's the exact same thing they said about Knights Chronicle. I'll probably just wait for the English version since they're gonna do that whole block thing, not gonna be worth it. I still gotta do some reroll marathons for other games recently released!

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Contra Heroes Return Starting Gameplay and Playable Characters

contra return 2017

Konami and Tencent just released their new F2P Mobile Contra game today in China. I tested the game out for a little bit and I must say it does bring back a ton of memories especially some the boss fight, lol. You can check out a short gameplay preview of the game below along with the ten playable characters that can be unlocked by playing through the story or Gacha. It might be a nice casual game to play on the side. I'm interested in unlocking some of the female characters and trying them out.

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SINoALICE Reaches 500k Pre-Registered Users Now Available for Download


Yoko Taro's SINoALICE is now available for download at this moment! The servers are still down and will go up later on today around 3-5PM JST. Briefly skimming through the livestream the other day, it looks like the game will have a Weapon Gacha system and there is a chance that a character might come with the weapon. You know what that means!? It's time to reroll or reset marathon for a nice character. I'm definitely going to be doing it as it's become second nature for me when playing mobages for the past few years.

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Blade & Soul Maestro Shadow Bullets vs Poharan

bns shadow bullets

With all the Maestro hype going on, I thought it was best to make another gameplay video of the job against one of the easier bosses of the game. A duel between a Gunslinger and the Gattling Gun Girl Poharan! To spice things up, I replaced the boring training room BGM with the Master X Master Version of Poharan's battle theme. I should make another gameplay video Maestro showing the Fire Bullets set, but I feel like my viewers aren't really seeing the full potential due to the ping difference!

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