Lord of Vermilion Arena Might Get Revived in China


A friend of mine recently gave me a tip about a Chinese teaser page for a Lord of Vermilion game. I used to play the Japanese version of this game a lot when it first came out, but it slowly died out. I'm not sure if this is going to be the same one that came was released in Japan and shutdown or brand new revamped version. There is a questionnaire on the top right asking a lot MOBA related questions, so it's probably Lord of Vermilion Arena!

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Moonlight Blade Korean Version Upcoming Final Closed Beta

moon final cbt

The final Closed Beta for the Korean version of Moonlight Blade Online starts next month on September 7th. Nexon Korea released a brand new website for the game and started recruiting users for the final test. They also released a series of single teaser trailers that I stitched together showing off the beautiful flying animations of all the classes!

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Lost Ark Online New Page and 2nd Closed Beta Registrations Coming Soon

lost ark main cbt2

Smilegate just released a new page for Lost Ark Online revealing a countdown on when players will be able to sign-up for the 2nd Closed Beta. Signing up for the test begins later this week on August 25th! Meanwhile, you can check out the new BGM and catch up on my other articles featuring upcoming content of Lost Ark Online.

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Caravan Stories Reached Over 1.5 Million Pre-Registers on the First Day

what the pre register caravan

The upcoming PC and mobile cross-platform Anime MMORPG Caravan Stories is receiving a lot of hype reaching over 1.5 million Pre-Registered users on the first day. In celebration of this insane milestone, they're going to be giving away 1.5 million worth of Japanese Yen in forms of 10k and 5k Yen coupons or gift cards randomly to users that participate in the ongoing event. In other news, Aiming also released a new teaser trailer revealing the Orc Race and their various settlements that can be seen below.

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Hyper Universe English Steam Early Access May Start Soon

hyper steam

The Hyper Universe Steam Early Access Page is now live and I'm speculating that it might start soon due to a cryptic teaser image post on the official English Hyper Universe Facebook page mentioning 7 days. I wonder what could it be!? I enjoyed playing the Korean version of the game and as you can see in my gameplay videos below, I've already spent some money on purchasing random skins. Time to wait for an official announcement!

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Destiny Child is Coming Out in Japan for PC and Mobile Device

des cha japan

Full Live2D Anime Narrative CCG Destiny Child is coming out in Japan for PC and Mobile! A new teaser trailer was just released a few hours ago along with a brand new website debuting the Japanese version. This sounds very tempting as I can understand Japanese a lot more than Korean. I haven't kept up with the game lately, but I did play it a lot when it first came out, even purchased a couple bonus packs.

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Figureheads Squad Based Mecha TPS PvE Gameplay


After six months away from the game, I downloaded Figureheads again to see what's new. Upon logging in I received a bunch of Gacha tickets and freebies as returning player. I'm digging the new look on the latest weapons and robots! I was lucky enough to roll some of the new parts. I posted a new PvE mode and customization gameplay video below.

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SoulWorker is Really Finally Coming Out in English


Anime Action MMORPG SoulWorker is finally going to hit Open Beta at the end of 2017 according to the official Press Release by GameForge. It will also have four playable starting characters at launch Erwin, Stella, Haru, and Lily. I suppose that's good news for everyone that thought this game was abandoned. You know what they say, better late than never! In other news, I started over in the Korean version to prepare for the upcoming Haru dual-swords.

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Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest Launches in Japan

dragon nest mobile 2018

Gumi Japan just released their new Action RPG Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest a few hours ago and players can now download the game on their mobile device. The game did manage to hit over 500,000 pre-registered users within a short period of time, so expect a ton of freebies and bonuses at the beginning of the game. The servers just went down for emergency maintenance and will be up later tonight.

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