MobiusFF x FFXIV Ultima Weapon Multiplayer Boss Short Preview


Happy 2 Year Anniversary Mobius Final Fantasy! I'm still in a love and hate relationship with you because you won't give me an Ultimate Hero after two years of playing and crazy Gacha rolling. Meanwhile, other people be getting Ultimate Heroes left and right. I was in the mood for some Mobius Final Fantasy today, so I decided to record the latest multiplayer raid along with the limit break arts for both Y'shtola and Knight of Eorzea. Enjoy~!

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Final Fantasy XV and From Whom the Alchemist Exist Collection in Progress

ffxv tagamain

I'm on the road to collecting the whole FFXV gang including Aranea, but I've run out of gems! I made a couple posts about this event on my Youtube, but since I started updating my site again I might as well update ya guys on my FFXV Otome adventures. I only have Ignis, Noctis, and Prompto a free character so far. I'm still missing Aranea and Gladiolus. I'll probably make another video later with the whole FFXV team. I may end up spending money on this game if they add the "FFXV Select a Character" ticket like they usually do with events. I DESPERATELY WANT TO COMPLETE MY FFXV TEAM RRRAAAAAAAAAWRRR!

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Random Adventures in Logres JRPG English Version


I recently picked up the English version of Logres Online due to people saying that's it's super free to play. After playing the game for a week, I can safely say that I agree with them! There's an overwhelming amount of things to do in the game in terms of farming for cosmetics, leveling up multiple jobs, leeching, challenging event battles, PvP, and more. The special premium Gacha lets players obtain Ultimate Rare or SSR grade equips easily for free! I've almost emptied out my premium Gacha just from playing through the story and events alone.

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Astellia Online New Website Debut Along with an Extended Closed Beta Trailer

astellia main

Nexon Korea's Astellia Online just got a brand new website revealing more information about the unique game system it has to offer. The game will have five playable characters which are Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Scholar, and Mage. Each one will have various class advancement to choose from at level 60. As a TCG MMORPG players should expect to collect a lot of cards in forms of Servants and Guardians.

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Master X Master Launches on June 21st

mxm launch

Master X Master is officially launching on June 21st! Totally excited and hyped for this game as I've enjoyed playing all of the alphas and betas so far. I'm hoping to meet and play with you guys! I'm happy it's coming out in English first for ping advantage, lol. I'll probably be PvE'ing a lot during the first few days with a couple PvP match here and there. I'm thinking of getting the middle founders pack just to support the game. I'd link you guys to the founders, but I don't do sponsored stuff so just check it out on their site on your own.

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Twilight Spirits Action MORPG Open Beta This Month

twilight main

Netease's Action MORPG Twilight Spirits is going to launch Open Beta near the end of this month on June 29th. A super early announcement, but it should give players a lot of time to free up their schedule and get their hands on an account or create one for free by checking out guides on via Google power! Definitely going to try the game out again to check out the new improvements and try out the magician girl. I've posted the latest trailer along with some older beta footages of my adventures as Blade Master and Assassin.

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Solidus Survival Simulation Action RPG Launches on June 9th

solidus main

Solidus is going to be released next week on June 9th! The game is bound to have some lewd looking characters just like their previous CCG title Unleashed. I actually tested this game last month and it was nifty. The game ran fairly smooth and the artwork was very high-quality. It would be nice if the Animation was on par with the graphics. I've posted a long gameplay below, which might spark an interest for you test it out next week. Do know that the game has some complicated base and management features that I left out in my gameplay preview.

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Blade & Soul New CG Trailer for Maestro the Gunslinger


NCSoft just launched the Pre-Registration page along with a brand new CG trailer featuring the new Maestro job in action for the Korean version of Blade & Soul. Unfortunately, pre-registering does require a valid Korean phone number, so you'll have to bug a friend to get that special outfit that's obtainable for free by registering early. Meanwhile, you can check out the new trailer below or at the official NCSoft Youtube Channel.

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Classic MMORPG Record of Lodoss War Online English Version Grand Opening

lodoss war main

The English version of the classic old school themed MMORPG Record of the Lodoss War Online just went live today. I haven't played this game since like... I can't even remember so I went ahead and tested the game out for a couple of hours. The game feels super old like those browser games that people made a few years back, except this one has a standalone client. Definitely not a game for everyone due to how ancient the game looks, lol. I've posted the official trailer along with my new gameplay adventure below.

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