SAO Memory Defrag New Multiplayer Feature Added & Preview


A real-time multiplayer co-op feature for Sword Art Online Memory Defrag was just added today and I decided to make a short gameplay video of it. Players that farm the new multiplayer event can get a 4-star Kirito ALO version. Players can also earn around 100+ free gems from going through the missions and helping other players clear stages. Gacha was also updated, but I heard the characters weren't really that great.

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SoulWorker Online Gets Sexy Bunny Suits


Lion Games Korea and NHN Hangame Japan just released a new trailer featuring the new Sexy Bunny Suits for all the current playable characters. Just like all the other special outfits of the game, players that equip this outfit can perform special emotes shown in the trailer. Bunny outfits look nice, but I like the summer outfit emotes better.

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Tree of Savior Online Mobile Version is Coming


Nexon Korea just signed a publishing contract with IMCGAMES in regards to the upcoming mobile version of Tree of Savior Online! Just like the original version, TOS Mobile is also planned for a global release. Not much information has been revealed just yet other than the supporting platforms which are both Android and iOS devices. Hmm, TOS mobile does sound interesting! I haven't kept up with TOS lately, I heard there was a couple random fake Steparu characters running around in the iTOS versions. Random old TOS emote video below~!

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Peria Chronicles Online Sandbox Anime MMORPG 2016 Status Report


The Peria Chronicles team ran into a big issue while developing the true Anime sandbox MMORPG. They encountered an unachievable goal to create the core architecture where players can create and design worlds from scratch without abuse of power, so the game disappeared on their recent line-ups. After a lot of hard work, they managed to complete the core architecture of the game. The team has achieved a lot of work and the hardest part is done, but they've still got a long way to go.

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Granblue Fantasy Re:Link Action RPG Trailer and Screenshots


Cygames and Platinum Games is working on another title and this one looks extremely good for a game that's currently 10% in development. No one knows what platform this game will be on, but the producer mentioned that he bought a new PC just for this title alone. The developers are mostly going to focus on the multiplayer or coop content, though just like the original version it will have some single player and scenario stories.

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Lost Order Upcoming Real-time Tactics RPG by Platinum Games


Cygames and Platinum Games team for a new upcoming real-time strategy tactics RPG called Lost Order for your mobile device. A short gameplay video was revealed in the Cygames Nexon livestream and I managed to snap some images from it below. It looks like a type of game where you can freely move around units in a small battlefield and activate special skills when the limit gauge is maxed. Anyway, check out the trailer and image below!

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MU Legend Online Open Beta Planned For This Year


MU Legend is another PC title that I'm looking forward to testing again early next month. While everyone seems to be on the Lost Ark hype train this month, MU Legend is also worth keeping an eye on. In light of new information, it seems like Webzen Korea wants to launch Open Beta later this year. Although it's not set in stone, it's a very tight schedule considering the 2nd CBT starts next month.

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Seventh Dark Open Beta Kicks Off Today


Developed by X-Legend Entertainment, the Open Beta Service for Seventh Dark Online is going live tonight in Japan. The game wasn't that bad so I kept on testing it just a wee bit more and posted another gameplay video below showing off some PvE content with various weapons, dungeons, and a random... wtf Chocobo..!? What's that doing in this game, lol. As I stated in my previous quick preview, the game is IP blocked! Perhaps Aeria Games is planning on picking up this title in the future in addition to their wide variety of Anime MMORPGS.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion is Coming to Android on August 22nd


There is another new upcoming Neon Genesis Evangelion game for Android that's going to launch a no wipe beta test on August 22nd. This version claims to be "The Best Evangelion Mobile Game Project" since there are a lot of other mobile Eva games out there. I'm sure you've seen some of them floating about and the other Eva game that was recently tested in China. I've always got my doubts when it comes to certain mobile games and Anime spin-offs. I might give this one a test drive since it's an Eva game and all. I don't have a video, but you can check out some images below!

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