Vindictus Arisha's 2nd Weapon Will Keep Naughty People in Check


Arisha is going to be getting her 2nd weapon next week on the Korean version of Vindictus. The whip gives off a very new seductive and sexy style for Arisha. You best behave now or she's gonna dominate you! Meanwhile, the NA version of Vindictus should be patching their servers today for the new Miri character for those that have been waiting to try her out.

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Chrono Brigade an Upcoming New Co-op Turn-Based RPG

chrono brig

Lionship Studio of NC Japan just debuted their new multiplayer mobile cutesy turn-based RPG Chrono Brigade today. A lot of games often come out in Japan, but this one particularly took my attention due to the character style resembling Bravely and the real-time co-op features! From what I've read, Chrono Blade has fixed main characters and players will be able to collect a wide variety of animated skill cards for them.

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Tera M Not A Friendly Game Towards F2P Users


Tera M was a game that I was planning on playing for a long time, but after testing it a for a couple of days and hitting a paywall, I decided that the Korean version wasn't worth my time. At first, I was thinking that I should spend some money on the game by purchasing some of the packages, but I saw all the other things I needed to buy to actually enjoy the game and figured it wasn't worth it.

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Conqueror's Blade Siege Warfare Beta Gameplay

conq blade main

Conqueror's Blade is a very interesting upcoming huge siege warfare game with open world features. I tested this game a few months back while I was in potato mode and no news updates on my site. The game was fun to try out, but the lag was really bad for me and I couldn't really enjoy it as much as I would have anticipated. Even then, I still did record some gameplay.

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Pearl Abyss New Content and Improvements Revealed

bdo new contents main

PearlAbyss and Kakao Games revealed their future plans for Black Desert Online in a form of a Press Release. I'm gonna go ahead and share that with you guys since there are a lot of interesting contents in it such as the new female character that was revealed last week, huge client size improvements, new 3D maps, new region, and so much more. Read on for the official press release news below.

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Black Desert Online New Oriental Female Character Announced

bdo new job 2018

PearlAbyss and Kakao announced that they're going to be releasing a new female eastern oriental class for Black Desert Online called Ran, pronounced as Rhan, updated with the English name, which is now Lahn. She's going to be using a new weapon exclusive to her character. From what the trailers show below, it looks like a mini crescent scythe attached to a ribbon on one end and a short-sword on the other. You can see some of her clips in action the funny comedy TV commercial trailer below. It also looks like she also has some Qing Gong flying skills or gliding skills!? New area teased in the trailers perhaps the oriental port is going to be unlocked soon.

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Elsword M Shadow of Luna English Soft Launch in Selected Regions

elsword m

KOG Games and Nexon decided to soft launch Elsword M Shadow of Luna in English first instead of Korean! The game is now available for download in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam for the Android device. Elsword M is a new beat em style action RPG where you play as an older or a more mature version of the original characters. It features fast-paced action combat with a unique tag team system.

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CryEngine3 Action MMORPG God Slayer Open Beta to Start This Month


Changyou's CryEngine3 Action MMORPG God Slayer Online is finally gonna hit Open Beta starting on the 15th of this month! This game has been in development for some time now with various Closed Betas here and there over the past two or three years. Some of my viewers asked me about this title, so I'm just making an announcement post about the current status of the game. If you wanna learn more about God Slayer Online, make sure to read up on my God Slayer Preview that I prepared earlier last month!

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Sword Art Online Integral Factor MMORPG Grand Opening

sao integral factor main

The Sword Art Online Integral Factor MMORPG is now available for download on your mobile devices. I actually tested this out back in October and made a couple gameplay videos below. It's pretty much a mobile MMORPG where you can fully customize your own character. You meet up in the game with the original SAO cast and a new partner named Koharu. Certain events are modified in this version and are different from the Anime!

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