Futuristic Sci-Fi MMORPG Wild Buster Launches March 2nd

wild buster visual

Nuri Work's Futuristic Sci-Fi PC MMORPG Wild Buster is finally going to launch in South Korea starting next month on March 2nd. The game has been in development for quite some time now, I remember making a post on it awhile back in 2013, lol. Anyhow, the quarter-view MMORPG offers action controls featuring hack & slash melee and some hardcore shoot'em up gameplay. Wild Buster also provides players with a fast-paced leveling system. I should probably test this game out at least once after skipping out the previous betas.

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Dragon Nest 2 Legend Upcoming Closed Beta Announced


Nexon Korea just started recruiting Closed Beta testers for the Dragon Nest 2 Legend! The upcoming beta is only available for the Android device and Korean users as it requires a cell phone. The Closed Beta schedule hasn't been announced just yet. I've been hearing rumors mentioning that Dragon Nest II is supposed to have improved graphics and gameplay compared to last year's teaser trailer. I'm hoping there is a way for Foreigners who doesn't have Korean contacts to try out the game via APK share.

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Tokyo Ghoul:re Invoke Tap Battle RPG

tokyo ghoul new

Tokyo Ghoul is going to get another smartphone game called Tokyo Ghoul :re Invoke which is a casual turn-based RPG with a tap battle combat system. Featuring special limit break attacks from the original Anime and some form of multiplayer! For some reason, I'm getting Destiny Child for Kakao vibe from this game. Anyway, I'll probably check this one out since I did enjoy watching the Anime. If you're interested in trying out the other mobile version, it's called Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval, it's not too shabby.

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NCSoft New Lineage M Gameplay Trailer

lineage m

NCSoft revealed a new gameplay video for Lineage M an open world mobile version of the first Lineage title. Featuring nostalgic classical gameplay, world bosses, grinding, transformation, and more. The Lineage scene in South Korea is still going strong with so many Lineage IP's constantly being pumped out. I'll probably skip out on this one as I've already had my hardcore dose of Lineage in Netmarble's L2Revolution, had nothing to do after reaching the level 120 cap.

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Fairy Tale Busters Open Beta Kawaii Anime TPS

merubasu fps waifu edition

Marchen Busters also known as Fairy Tale Busters just launched Open Beta in Japan. Having no new Eastern PC game to test this month, I decided to try the new kawaii Anime third person shooter. The game is pretty amusing so far, especially the awkward death animations. Just some random game to play to kill time and for laughs, the game feels like it's missing some stuff like voices. I haven't tried the PvE content yet, but I think you can farm gold there to buy outfits and guns for your character? Have a look at PvP gameplay below.

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God Eater Online Gameplay and Pre-Register

choco sword god eater

I was looking through a list of upcoming games and noticed that the God Eater Pre-Registration is still going on. I'm speculating that the game may come out this month because of the last Pre-Registration milestone reward, a tasty looking Chocolate Great Sword. The weapon hints a Valentine theme, doesn't it? Just a thought! Anyway, you can Pre-Register for the game if you're interested in trying it out in the future using e-mail or Twitter. I've posted my gameplay video from the previous test in case you're wondering how it plays on your mobile device or PC emulator.

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Closers Anime HD Episode 1 Now Available

closers anime

Nexon Korea and Naddic Games just released the first 1080p HD version of the Closers Online Anime. Although it doesn't have any English subtitles, you can probably find some fansubs floating around Youtube in a few days or just watch the SD version with English subs already available. Lee Seha so OP! I'm curious as to how fast the Anime catches up to the game as it's constantly being updated with new content every month.

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Dissidia Opera Omnia New Event Freebies and Free Squall Character

dissidia mobile

A new event in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia just started today featuring Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. This event is really good for both new and current players because of the rewards. You can get Squall for free along with an OP 5-star armor for him, tons of gems for newbie rolls, Gacha tickets, and more.

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Ragnarok Mobile Payon Adventures and Road to Level 70

ragnarok mobile hd

I suppose you could say that Ragnarok Mobile is one of my favorite games at the moment. My RO addiction has died down a bit and I'm back to writing random stuff. I had to do a lot of manual grinding during the mid levels of the game which consumed most of my time last week. Now that I am level 60+ I'm able to AFK grind at Payon Caves! Just like the original version, Turn Undead is still OP as hell!

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