Exploring Blade & Soul 2.0's current end game dungeon

bnsendgmPlayNC Korea released Blade & Soul's new end game dungeon called Snow Jade Palace of Pain early last week but I haven't had a chance to fully explore and beat the dungeon until today! The dungeon proves to be very challenging but with perfect coordination and team work the final end game boss can be beaten. In fact a group of Korean players was able to clear this dungeon 6-8 hours after the patch went live! There are a lot of changes with Blade & Soul 2.0's loot system so I will be going over that in detail along with a short tour and explanation of the new end game bosses below. All of the videos below are recorded in 1080p+ so I hope you enjoy the crazy quality!

The Final End Game Boss

To spice things up, let's start with the final boss first shall we! This was actually my second time fighting this boss, my first party didn't have the right setup to beat him as it requires certain classes. Most of Blade & Soul 2.0's current end game bosses may look like tank and spank, but there are other special mechanics actually going on that's not easily visible. Each party member is assigned with certain tasks that must be discussed before hand. For example, the Force Master will cast her dome shield to take care of the incoming projectiles. While the KFM's cast healing stance inside the circle. The Destroyers and other members are in charge of stepping on the poison vines on the floor and picking up the boss at a precise moments. Then a person or two is in charge of blocking the floating spheres bouncing back and forth between the map. Also this dungeon was done in easy mode, hard mode is capped at 4 players and requires flawless plays. The boss hits twice or three times stronger in hard mode and there are no red circles that appear on the floor when a boss performs special attacks. Unfortunately, with my equipment and non Korean ping I don't think I will be clearing the 4 player version anytime soon.

So you're probably wondering how the final boss is different from all the other end game bosses right? This boss has a lot of special moves compared to the other ones. The green vines on the floor has DoT damage of 2000 HP, if you step on another one it will be 4000 HP per second, and stepping on the another one will multiply it again. The goal is to try and step on as many as you can before the boss absorbs the poison vines, if he absorbs them, he will perform a devastating attack.


I've actually made a mistake fighting this boss with my party because I "blocked the floating spheres" we ended up having to restart and suicide to try again. Why is that? Apparently, the two floating spheres that the boss summons gives a beneficial party buff when "blocked or parried". My mistake was that I got rid of the other sphere early because I didn't know what it did at that time. When the boss is at the center of the map you will notice that he will summon swords on top of him. Use this a guide on what kind of special move the boss will perform. If it's all "blue swords" he will start raining down lightning circles all over the map in sets of three followed by an AoE blast. If it is all red, he will summon flaming pools on the person who has aggro, kiting time. Another good idea is to keep an eye on the floating sphere, else you're going to get bowling ball'ed like me in the video above! I also forgot to mention the fact that this boss enrages, so it's pretty much a DPS race along with special mechanics. How does one prepare for final fight? Lot's of Potion, Poison Remedy, And Repair Hammers! I guarantee a lot of wipes the first time around. Oh and meet Julia in the video below, shes the villain of the current sidestory or arc of Blade & Soul! She can be cute and mean depending on her mood.

Detailed Loot System and Weapon System 2.0

Moving on to the next topic, I am going to go over on how the new loot system works in Blade & Soul. Unlike the previous version, everyone in the party gets loot at the end of the fight, which is very nice. After beating a boss, they can turn in a quest to pick up their loot box which is a separate loot box from the one the boss drops. This quest must be completed inside the dungeon, once you exit or leave the dungeon, you can not complete it and you will have lost your loot box forever! For example, after killing the last boss. I will have to open my quest list and then right click on it to get the box. Then you will have to open that box to receive a "random weapon" box. There are two ways to open this box, one is using a normal key and the other is using special keys. Using a normal key will give you a "random weapon", while using the very expensive special keys will grant you 100% your weapon. Though you will also have to aim for the right stats once you get your weapon, which can be a big let down if it's not the one you are looking for.

Which means you will have to RNG twice if you use a normal key. Once to get your weapon, RNG again to get the right stats. Now I will go over why I am not fond of the new weapon system. Assuming that I have got my weapon to drop from the final boss with the right stats. I have to spend gold on removing and adding sockets to it. Then I have to level up that weapon to 5 by feeding it weapons. After that, I have to "limit break" it by feeding it a "certain weapon". Upon a successful limit break which is 100%, I will be able to level it up to 10. Sounds easy right? Aside from the very expensive materials required to remove the level cap of my new weapon. I have to level up two other weapons, one to five and another to ten. Then if I want to Revolution fusion it once it is level 10. I will need... well look at the chart below and pretend each box is weapon.


Ok, so anyway that chart is for the hardcore players only or players who have a lot of gold in real life to buy gold so I am totally skipping it. For a simple explanation, I am going to explain how an average user like me can obtain my average weapon.

Simplified Weapon 2.0 Explanation

1. Kill Final Boss Get Box
2. Use Normal Key until I get my weapon.
3. Failed to get weapon? Back to Step 1
4. If I got my weapon, identified it, wrong stats? Back to Step 1
5. Finally got my Level 1 Axe from the box.
6. Now I need to level it up to Level 5 with capped exp.
7. Now that's it is capped, I must level up the weapon it tells me to.
8. It says I have to level up a PvP Weapon to level 10.
9. Now I have to farm that weapon by killing a boss and opening boxes again until it drops my Axe (Repeat 1 and 2)
10. Finally got the Axe PvP Weapon.
11. I have to level it up to level 5 with capped exp.
12. I must "limit break" this weapon with another weapon but thankfully it's only up to level 5.
13. So I Level up my 3rd weapon to Level 5.
14. I limit break my PvP weapon with that Level 5 weapon + paying a very expensive fee and materials.
15. Yes, now I can level up my PvP weapon to 10!!!
16. Now I have to level it up by spending more gold to 10.
17. After getting my PvP weapon to 10, I can finally feed it to my end game dungeon axe.
18. I pay the expensive feed again + my PvP weapon + materials again to my Level 5 end game weapon.
19. Then I can finally level my end game weapon up to 10.
20. Yay, I did it. Now to repeat the same process with new accessories. T_T
21. Optional, if you repeat the same steps 1>19 with a different weapon you can fusion perform a fusion limit break which makes it a step closer to legendary.
22. What's the catch? You will need to level up all those weapons shown in the image above. Godspeed.

Other things to keep in mind while upgrading is that it does not fail, it's 100%. When you're upgrading a weapon, it will show an EXP bar until the next level. For example, I feed a level 1 green weapon to my Axe, it will get around 1~10% EXP depending on what level my weapon is. Once the EXP bar reaches 100%, it will level up. You can use cash items, crafted items, or monster drop items to get more EXP per feed.

The remaining End Game Bosses

Phew, I feel exhausted after typing all that! Moving on the remaining end game bosses. The first boss of the new end game dungeon, requires synchronized killing. Party must be split into 3v3 can't cross over to the other side or instant death when you touch the water that separates the two bosses. The boss was 5 seconds from killing my whole party from enrage, lucky we beat it in time! This boss has healing reduction so healing off critical hits is much harder than usual.

The Lightning Guardian boss fight was interesting because of the new mechanics! My party members and I are still learning this fight, I've provided some tips for the English players who are playing this game. The Boss can be stunned or down during the cleaving attacks but it's a good idea to just power deal because of enrage timers. At a certain HP it will summon medium sized BLUE and GREEN minions. Once these monsters pop out, everyone must knock down or stun the minion depending on the color of that minion. For example, a BLUE minion pops up in the South Corner, a Destroyer or Kung Fu Master has to perform a "self stun combo" on it. If it's a green minion a Destroyer has to perform a self combo with knock downs or two players must coordinate their tripping attack together with a small 1-2 second window.

Blue Minion = Stun
Green Minion = Knock down

After the minion dies, humanoid mobs will appear in the middle of the map, kill them and pick up the shields that they drop, the boss will start charging lightning attack with his hands and you can then press the "1" key to deflect the lightning back at the boss. After the pattern has ended, you can then press "left click" to throw your shield to knock the boss down.

This is the third boss before the final one, it's actually the easiest of all bosses as long as the person with aggro stay away from the rest of the team who are focused on DPS'ing the opposite bird. So there you have it, the final end game dungeon of Blade & Soul 2.0! Perhaps my mini guide will help you in your future adventures in the upcoming Chinese version. I hope you enjoyed my preview of the latest end game dungeon and see you next time!

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