Figureheads Online Preview a Tactical Squad Based Mecha TPS


In this week's gaming adventures, I had a chance to take Square-Enix's latest tactical squad based mecha TPS Figureheads Online for a test drive. Do keep in mind that the developers and publishers of the game wants viewers and readers to know that the game is still currently in beta and that things may change in the future!

Last week, I previewed the gameplay mechanics, controls, and tutorial missions. In this week's preview, it's going to be all about the gameplay. I played most of the weekend, so I have a lot of videos for you guys! I actually had a video of the shop, lobby, and customization features, but accidentally deleted it.

Figureheads is a shooter where players can command three other NPC bots and give them specific orders, just a short reminder to those that haven't been following this game closely. The CBT2 was quite rewarding with bots, so I had a chance to try out the Striker (Artillery), Heavy Assault (Gattling Gun or Lock on Missiles), Assault (Fast Moving Rifle or SMG), Sniper (Snipes Stuff), and etc. 

Honestly, I was a bit bored during my first few games until I unlocked more features. The game started to become fun as soon as the rewards started pouring in, I started customizing my own mechs and pilots. I tested out most of the mechas and found some classes to be really fun while other classes aren't so great. The squad based system is decent... there are moments when the AI will just stand around and doing nothing even if the enemy is in front of them.. and some moments where they will just instant kill you out of nowhere. The game doesn't really haven an emphasis on headshots like most TPS or FPS games. Mechs also have multiple hit boxes and the weakest point is located in the rear core or back side of the upper body.

The Striker Artillery class is a Heavy type unit and it's a lot of fun to use! I actually had a lot of artillery units near the end of the beta because they're so OP against players lazy players that doesn't bother with the micro managing system. This unit often ran out of shells, so camping near an ammo resupply base is very useful, plus it keeps players away so giving your team more map control.

Developer: Square-Enix
Publisher: Square-Enix
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