Figureheads Pre-Open Beta Preview and Possibly Coming to Steam


I spent the weekend testing out the Pre-Open Beta phase of Square-Enix's latest mecha game Figureheads Online. I wasn't used to the style of the mechs of the game, but as I played on, it slowly grew on to me check out some of my gameplay clips below!

Figureheads Online starts off really slow with the a very lengthy tutorial followed by more another long but helpful tutorial that explains how the game system works. It's not exactly your average FPS/TPS game that you can just jump into and play right off the bat. You have to learn a lot of things such as giving your squad orders, taking control points, making your squad members switch weapons, sending your squad to a node or point, etc. The game is very tactical and requires a lot of team effort to actually win a match. It's not a game where one player can ninja rush the base and win the game, but a team effort. Before a match starts, players can assign themselves role on which part of the map they want to cover as either ATK, AST, or SAF.

The game is very objective based and players must work together and secure points in the map to win the game. For example, I often like to secure one of the most important nodes of the game, which is the "Shield/Barrier Node". The team that secures this node will be able to attack the enemy "Core" given the rest of the other team members secure the other nodes like the "Sentry Node" which is a one shot turret that protects the Core of your base or the enemy. Once your team has secured both nodes, you can launch a full strike attack on the enemy core. However, the core can only be attacked in a very close range (see the first video above) for more details. Which means, the core can't be sniped or bombarded with long range artillery. With perfect coordination, a team can end the match in one go.

I was browsing around the game directory and noticed STEAM files and Localization folder. Which leads me to believe that the developers may push and publish the game on Steam in the future. The locales folder had a lot of various languages in it which also includes English! The Pre-OBT is now over and the game is ready to be released early March.

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