Gundam Online Char's Red Mobile Suits

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The old school classic 52vs52 PvP game Mobile Suit Gundam Online is still a lot of fun, even though the game is like five years old or something! Playing as my favorite Zeon faction on the JP servers! The Taiwanese version of the game does have an official English patch that comes with the installer, so a lot of Foreigners end up trying that version.

There's a big difference between the JP and TW servers because the JP version is strictly Federation vs Zeon, while the TW version is YOLO mixed units. It would be neat if the JP version had an English patch too! The JP version is also IP blocked so people went to the try the TW version instead! Anyhow, I uploaded a new gameplay earlier today featuring my Char Zaku I The Origin mobile suit above. I also have some older gameplay videos of my Sazabi below, red units for life! JK, I'll probably start messing around with other suits soon.

Zeon Tier List: Link
Game Site JP:
Game Site TW (Official English Patch):