GunZ 2 Online First Look Preview

mainMy first night of GunZ 2 Online CBT1 was a lot of fun, I have never really played the first version of GunZ. I probably won't be much of help when it comes down to comparing the new and old versions of the game. With that said, I've come to share my personal thoughts and opinion on the upcoming sequel of GunZ. Hope you got some extra time on your hands as I have prepared a bunch of sexy gameplay videos, recorded in the highest setting and resolution of the game.

GunZ 2 Free For All Battle Craziness

Since this is only a preview of the first Closed Beta Test of the game, a lot of the things shown in this mini preview may be irrelevant in the future. I ended up skipping the tutorial because it was dragging way too long. I can be very impatient when it comes to these kinds of things. I decided to jump straight into coop mode for a quick warm up.

GunZ Coop Mode Gameplay

As shown in the video above, coop is pretty much a bunch of enemies charging at you at once. There was only one coop map available in the game. You can actually "game over" in coop if you end up dying three times. The first mission made me feel like I was playing some kind of zombie game, the AI's weren't really that great. They would randomly spawn in certain areas, charging at you wave after wave zerging you with melee weapons and guns! After you have cleared a certain area you get to move on to the next point, oh well GunZ 2 is a PvP game so this is just some nifty little feature.

Avenger Sword & Sniper Action

Now to get to the good stuff, I started playing some real games. My first few matches were a bit noobish since I was too lazy to spam AA, SS, WW, DD. Spamming those keys makes your character quick dash in certain directions. After a few matches, I figured out that dash spamming was the only way to survive longer in this game. I am not sure if it's just me but there seems to be a slight cool down delay when you dash around. Would be nice to spam it a lot faster. Hopefully they make the sound FX for it less annoying. Veteran GunZ players that were invited to G2 are furious because K-Style is no longer available. They are also upset because the game feels slower compared to G1.

Gunslinger is my favorite class.

The Avenger and Gunslinger was one of the most picked classes during the first day of testing. I had a hard time finding Troopers in my games probably because they look very bulky and their hit box is a little bit bigger. I've always preferred skinny and toned characters so I decided to skip out on playing the Trooper class, even though they seem to be OP and stuff.