My Granblue Fantasy Adventures


Granblue Fantasy has been consuming most of my time all week and perhaps this week. I've been grinding in this game non-stop trying to strengthen my Light team further! Playing and grinding for more than ten hours a day is a bit exhausting, but it's all worth it in the end! A friend of mine also got me a Zooey coupon, so I'm really happy about it!

Class IV Jobs and Weapons

A few days ago I finally finished my Class IV Weapon which is like endgame weapons for specific jobs. I decided to go with Nirvana because the skills seem really OP. You get auto-res every time you cast Heal! Bishop's and Sages are always important in Raids so it's a worthwhile investment. I wanted to be a Sage, but I used all of my class tokens to complete my Nirvana. I ended up with Berserker. I'm planning on going Spartan and Sage next month.


The most important thing you need to know when working on Class IV Weapons is the 3/3 item shown above. These are only obtainable from Rose Queen and Grande. I've had a higher chance of obtaining these orbs from Grande Treasure Deal Box. Do note you also need to be in a GUILD for the DEAL window to show up and obtain them. Don't go around summoning Grande on your own if you're not in a guild. The 512/512 crystal is another hard part of the quest. I wish someone would have told me to keep all my SR items from gacha. In my case for Nirvana, I should have saved my SR Staff and disenchanted those instead of feeding it to weapons for skill up. If you're a hardcore casino user, you can max limit break the SR Gacha Staff before breaking it down to yield more results. Other ways monthly from rewards shop.

Things you need to start collecting early and do. (Staff)
-Check out the Class Weapon and Class IV Guide
-Buy Job Change Tokens / Distinctions (Daily) (In the Shop Menu)
-Broken Weapon Crystals (You must start early as possible.)
-Blue Crystals (High Drop Rate from Grande)
-Class IV Weapon drops from EX Bosses.
-For Example, Colow drops SR Nirvana.
-You also need to farm Colow for SR Nirvana first upgrade the 90/90 material.
-The last step will require you to farm 200 orbs if which color you want your weapon.
-Farm EX 1-3 for Yellow and Blue Orb Distinctions
-The hardest step is probably collecting 3/3.
-Just keep doing / leeching those Grande!

My Guild War Character

Getting a Guild War character is pretty straight forward, it takes a lot of dedication, but it's possible to obtain within 2-4 months without spending any money at all. I actually have a friend who started around the 10mil download event a few months ago and just completed the GW Sword for obtaining Siete today. I didn't really make my GW chara until I was level 100+ because people kept saying it takes a year or something, but after reading and watching my friend get it within a short-time frame, I can confirm it's possible to complete it early, if you put a lot of effort in the game. Which means doing a lot of coop farming, leeching slimes, making use of 1/2 time, not wasting materials on evolving every character you get, possibly making alts, and more. Complete it fast if you want to go the YOLO route. Otherwise, just take it slow and enjoy the game. Never listen to someone that says GW chara takes six months or a year to complete.

My Weapon Pool

The grind in Grindblue Farmtasy never stops! The common misconception of Granblue is that Gacha weapons make you strong. Which is not true. In fact, I don't even use any weapons obtained from the Cash Gacha! Anyhow, the best way to get strong in this game in a short time frame is just leeching bosses. I know that sounds lame, but in the end, you will be able to contribute back. Focus on one color only. If you got a Lucifer go Light if you got Bahamut go dark. If you don't have anything, go Green (Casino Summon).


 My Current Light Weapon Pool - No Gacha Weapons!

3 Chevalier Gun Magna - SLvL 15 and Level 150. (Boss Drop)
2 Chevalier Gun Magna - SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Boss Drop)
1 Chevalier Sword Magna - SLvL 15 and Level 100 (Boss Drop)
1 Guild War Gun - SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Change Color) (Crafted)
1 Cross Bow Gun - SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Event Boss Drop)
1 Cosmos Gun - SLvl M and Level 100 (Boss Drop or Crafted)
1 Baha Dagger - SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Crafted) 

I didn't have any of the above, but I still went Light because my favorite characters from Rage of Bahamut were Light! Anyway, weapon pool is everything in Granblue Fantasy and it determines how hard your characters hit. My weapon pool above is mostly from Chevalier Magna/Omega. 6 Chevalier Items, 1 Extra Gun from Sakura Wars Event that's going on right now, Cosmo Gun BL from Grande Boss, and crafted Bahamut Boss Dagger. I really want to upgrade it Baha HL soon! I'm thinking of replacing it with Baha Gun HL, but I don't know anymore. My weapon pool is all over the place and I only need one more Chevalier Sword Boss Drop to get another limit broken one. Ahh, decisions decisions. In short, screw the gacha weapons, just hunt and craft boss weapons instead. I don't have Lucifer or Grande yet, so I'm stuck with using Chevalier/Luminiere Boss Drop as a Summon. I actually though I was done with the game when I got level 100 weapons, but now I need to lvl up everything to level 150.

Other than leeching weapons from bosses, some event weapons are really good so collect them all when you can. There are certain events that have reruns while some events never ever come back. As for getting +1 +1 +1 items, the best and free way to get them is from HL Magnas/Omega or rolling Rupee Gacha. You can get +0-4 in one day. The best I've gotten was +4 within 100 daily rolls. It's a bit expensive but worth it. Hit the coop to farm money and keep rolling the free Rupee Gacha.