Sdorica: Sunset a Gameplay Preview of Rayark's Upcoming Cute Puzzle RPG

sdorica main

While looking for new games to test last night, I stumbled upon Rayark's upcoming cute puzzle RPG called Sdorica: Sunset. I believe the game has been in CBT for sometime now, but I've only just discovered it! Sdorica: Sunset isn't an overly complicated puzzle RPG and is surprisingly easy to pick up. It's one of those games that I would introduce to a friend who's never played games before or something. Check out my gameplay and character preview below and see if it's your type of game.

You can only have three characters out at a time on the battlefield. White tiles represents your support character, Dark tiles represents your damage dealer, and Yellow tiles usually represents your front line or tanker character. You can trigger different special attacks for your character depending on how many tiles you match, though there is a limit. For example, tapping one tile is usually a normal attack, matching two of the same tile is a special, and matching four tiles triggers a powerful special move. You're only limited to 1x, 2x, and 4x combos during the tile matching mini game, which is why I said it's a pretty simple puzzle RPG. The game doesn't have any auto-play and you have to manually target mobs in certain maps or you'll get eaten up.

You'll have to download Taptap on your Android device if you want to test the game out. Once installed, you can try clicking on the link below or search for Sdorica in the search, from there you can click on download. Should only take a few minutes, I was able to navigate through it just fine not being able to read the language displayed. Don't worry if the game starts up in another language, you can change it in options later. The game currently supports Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English, etc. Pretty cool game so far, hoping that the battle pace picks up and becomes a lot more faster later on!

CBT Download: Taptap
Game Site: