Battleship Girls Let's Set Sail PvP Gameplay Take Down The Enemy Fleet

battleship girls

I just finished testing a really random new game today called Battleship Girls Let's Set Sail for PC. I saw a trailer for this game on a Chinese Youtube called Bilibili and was like huh?! This game looks somewhat interesting, might as well try it out! Jumped on over to the official website and as it turns out, I was able to create an account easily and play the game. What's the game about? Check out the new gameplay that I've just uploaded below. MVP'ed 2nd the match hoooooo~!

Creating an account only takes a minute or less and the client is under 600mb which is fairly small for PC game. Anyhow, to create an account just click on the main site below and then click on the arrow on the far middle left. Three boxes will show up, enter a random username, random pw, and do the captcha, done! I had some trouble running the launcher so I just set my locale to Chinese and I had to rename the game folder from a Chinese name to something like test. That's all I can do for tech support since I can't read this language.

Game Site: