Arknights Alpha Test Preview an Upcoming Anime TD Game


The Arknights Awakening Alpha test started last week and I was glad that I was able to sneak my way into the test. A lot of people didn't really expect a Tower Defense themed game judging from the art alone. The genre alone rarely appears in today's gaming market and is fairly rare! I had some fun with the Alpha test the music was great, clean UI, the art is amazing, and the maps gradually became a lot harder over time.

The game does have some resemblance to Girls Frontline with the cutesy characters and awesome artwork. You can evolve your characters in Arknights and their artwork would change into something super pretty as seen in my gameplay video below. They will also unlock some more passives or active skills upon evolution. There are three ways to earn characters in the game and that is through the story mode, Gacha, and the manufacturer or recruit mode. Most of my 5-star characters came from Gacha. The unit rarity didn't really matter much because the higher star units ended up with huge costs and you weren't always able to play em right away depending on the situation.

The game is currently in Alpha so I'm hoping for big improvements later on. I tried to ask the developers if they're planning on making a PC version or not, but they didn't comment. I wouldn't mind having a light PC app to play this from time to time even though I actually recorded and tested the game on PC using Bluestacks3. Anyhow, enjoy some of the character screenshots I took below. I'll try to keep you guys informed of the next test.

arknights 1

arknights 2

arknights 3

arknights 4

arknights 5

arknights 6

arknights 7

arknights 8

arknights 9

arknights 10

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