Sword Girls Update and Events

swThe Sword Girls Online TCG summer event just started, this is one event you don't want to miss out on. If this is your first time hearing about this awesome card game, then check out my mini preview of it here. Just like it's title says, all of the cards in this game are all girls. So what kind of cards will you come across in Sword Girls Online? You'll find a lot of maid outfit onee-chans, loli vampires, school girls, gothic looking chicks, samurai sword women, tsunderes, and pretty much anything you can think of. Having trouble deciding if you want to try out this game? Then read on below for more information along with a sneak peek preview of some of the new cards featured in Episode 5. 

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Sword Girls Online Events

By logging on to their site and clicking through the event pages you will be able to earn yourself 1,000 cash point and card! 1,000 cash points daily seems too good to good be true, so it may just work once. I guarantee that you don't even need to understand a word of Korean to actually enjoy and play this game properly. Sword Girls is probably one of the most simple TCG I have ever ran across. The learning curve doesn't even come close to that of Magic The Gathering, you'll definitely be able to understand this game fully with just within few games. If you're scared to play against other players, then you can just PvE your way through the dungeons until you feel confident or at least until you memorize what most of your cards does.

Some of the Season 1 - Episode 5 Cards

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Beautiful and Elegant looking cards~

03 04 05

Sexy and Cute, you know you want to play it~

Developer:  Zeonix
Publisher: Zeonix
Game Site: http://swordgirls.net/