Sword Girls Online Interview

mainJoin me as I have a chat with Jeffrey Shen, the North American English producer for Sword Girls Online. If you're a fan of this upcoming game, then you've definitely got to check this article out as it is quite informative. I made sure that this interview will be visually appealing as possible, so if want to feast your eyes on new Sword Girls Online artwork before anyone else then check them out below!

Official NA Sword Girls Trailer

Interviewee: Jeffrey Shen (Producer)

Greetings Steparu!  I wanted to thank you for taking interest and writing up the questions for this interview.  I’m actually an avid reader of your site so keep up the visually inspiring and informative work.  If you don’t know about Sword Girls already, you can visit www.SwordGirlsOnline.com for some insight.  Let’s get started!

011. Now that Sword Girls is currently being localized to the US market, will ChangYou or Zeonix be implementing IP restriction to users outside of the US or will the game be available to everyone globally?

Every time an IP is blocked, a digital bunny dies and we don’t like killing digital bunnies.  No IP blocks!

2. Sword Girls has a lot of cool looking Anime'ish cards that is popular to the Asian market, do you think it will receive the same popularity in the US market?

Mass appeal was not one of the concerns when deciding to release Sword Girls in English.  The main focus was to bring a quality game with stunning anime artwork to dedicated anime fans in the western market.

3. The stylish Anime artwork looks pretty tempting to readers who are into the Anime/Manga community, do you think Sword Girls will be easy to pick up especially to those that have never touched an online card game in their life before?

Sword Girls is very much intuitive and easy to grasp.  You don’t need to know any rules and can jump right into a PvE or PvP match.  The game tends to reveal more mechanics as you delve deeper with every game.  It is truly painless to play, but full of unique strategies and thought provoking matches at the same time.

02 03

Fabulous Artwork!

4. What are some of the more unique features that Sword Girls has to offer to its users compared to your average online card game?

I have played tabletop TCGs my whole life and quite a few online card games as well.  One thing I feel most online card games try to do is simulate the tabletop experience when they should improve on it and explore features that is not possible with tabletops.  Sword Girls is the latter.

Not to get too detailed, being able to craft almost any card in the game is something exciting for me.  I tried crafting cards in real life but they usually turn out pretty ugly and get me banned from tournaments…

5. Mixing cards from all four factions is probably one of the coolest features of Sword Girls, are there any penalties for having a mixed deck?

Definitely not, I run Darklore main with Crux and Vita support.  Of course, cards in the same faction have unique synergies.

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Kawaii Overload!