H.A.V.E Online First Impressions

havemainH.A.V.E Online has been in Open Beta in Taiwan for quiet some time now. If you are looking to try out this TPS anime stylish shooting game you can do so at http://www.haveol.com.tw/. Registering is pretty easy since it doesn't really ask for any personal information. I was a bit surprised when I first tried out this game. A great game to try out but something just didn't H.A.V.E me playing it for to long, check out two of my gameplay videos of this game below and my first impressions.

H.A.V.E Tutorials

I seriously think it would have been better if they published this game in Korea or Japan first. There doesn't seem to be much players sticking around playing H.A.V.E as much as I thought there would be. I would have thought that this game would be really popular due to the Anime-Stylish looking characters and pew pew shooting action. Sadly, it's not. H.A.V.E Online isn't a bad game though, being a foreign gamer even if you wanted to try out this game. You would have to suffer the consequences of lagging in a game, which will lead to players raging at you for having 1 red bar. Which means what the beep you lag!

H.A.V.E TDM Gameplay Preview

If you're playing TW you wouldn't have this problem of course, but hell that doesn't stop me from trying out this game and blasting away people for fun. I think H.A.V.E would have been a better game if it limited players to carrying a rifle or two per game. I really didn't like the fact that you can one man army with all the guns, meaning you can carry a sniper rifle, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, and etc. It's pretty much survive til you're out of ammo! Hell, some people prefer this but think about the noobs who can only use one type of gun. Don't let my first impressions stop you from playing H.A.V.E though, it's a fun game to try out specially if you enjoy shooting people and tired of the same old classical game where you are limited to the amount of rifles and primary weapons you can carry.

Developer: SK-imedia
Game Publisher: SK-imedia
Game Site: http://www.haveol.com.tw/