Sword Girls Online Interview

10. The relationship/likeability system with a faction leader seems a bit complicated, can you inform our readers on how this system works? On that note, will users be able to build relationships with multiple faction leaders or is there a certain limit?

This is a very unique feature in Sword Girls highlighting the importance of Character cards.  As you play with your Character card more, the ability to transform them will be available.  It will be all about giving them gifts to raise particular stats; each Character card will have many different transformations for players to explore depending on the which path you grow them.  There will be no limit to the number of Character cards you grow.


One of the many transformations looks available for starter cards.

11. Getting good cards through the Booster Packs seems really hard, are there any plans on re-adjusting the ratio on uncommon and rare cards or was I just extremely unlucky?

You were wearing rabbit ears with extremely clean socks.  Getting Rares is definitely rare, however, all the Rare cards can be crafted!  In essence, if you buy Boosters and do not get that Rare card, you can easily take the cards you did receive and use them to Craft the Rare card you desired.

0712. Should newbie users be worried about facing other players who spent money on Cash Shop to obtain their cards, as to where other players spend the time grinding and crafting for their cards? Or is there some kind of matchmaking system that prevents newbies from getting stomped by someone with a super crazy deck?

One the mechanics we looked at very closely is the matchmaking system.  All decks correlate a deck point and deck point is determined by how many Rares, Uncommons, Commons you are running.  Considering this along with skill and experience, players will be paired against others around the same standings almost all the time for very even matches.

We are even planning tournaments around deck points, but I won’t get into those details just yet.

13. Purchasing cards at the end of matches seemed a bit more beneficial than buying Booster Packs alone. What are your thoughts on this?

We want to reward players for actually spending time and playing the game, giving them benefits for doing so is something we want to always advocate.

14. Sword Girls looks like a great game to play on mobile devices like Tablets and Phones, how well does Sword Girls perform on such devices?

You will be able to play Sword Girls on any Flash-enabled Phones and Tablets.  System requirements for Sword Girls are minimal and should definitely be playable on almost all devices mentioned.  You can “Like” our Facebook.com/Swordgirls page and enter to win a tablet… yes shameless plug FTW.

1015. Some of the dungeons in the game are extremely lengthy and hard, like the "Special" dungeon that was recently introduced in the Korean version of Sword Girls. I felt that new dungeon was bit impossible to clear as an average Sword Girls player, are there any plans on making events a bit easier?

The “Special” Dungeons are definitely made to be challenging.  You can actually build specific decks with unique strategies directly countering a particular Dungeon; making it a much easier time defeating each.  We want users to explore possible counters and share strategies with one another to build better decks.

16. Are there any benefits to completing the same dungeon repeatedly? Is it possible to collect multiple amounts of the same boss card?

You can definitely challenge the same Dungeon multiple times to receive multiple rewards. As a matter of fact, you receive more rewards every time you defeat a Dungeon Boss!

17. Losing to the final boss of a dungeon brings you back to Stage 1, isn't this a bit crazy especially to users who try to tackle the very lengthy 40 Stage Hard Mode dungeons. Are there any plans on making the penalties less severe?

We will be giving the players an option for a Rematch.