Core Masters Online

mainDotA and League of Legend fans rejoice, there is a new upcoming game called Core Masters Online. The graphics look very similar to League of Legends which I don't mind much, just as long as the content and playable heroes are fun. The game currently has 25 playable heroes. You'll be able to check some of them out in action in English and Korean trailers below. This game is scheduled for release sometime this year in December, I am looking forward to testing it!

English Version

Korean Version

Key Features
4 player Coop (For newbies)
Free for All Mode

(Estimated Matches are 15 minutes)
4vs4 Matches (AI and Players)

(Estimated Matches are 25 minutes)
10 Playable Heroes revealed for now.

(They are adding 15 more in the first CBT)

I really want to play their Veigar, I mean that cute witch character named Yami. Anyway, this game looks rather fun they even have a Male Tinkerbell. I am not exactly sure if there are creeps and towers in the 4v4 mode, but I see one or two of them in the trailer. I guess we will have to wait and find out when they release more teasers. I hope that this game is as good as League of Legends!

Developer: SOFT BIG BANG
Game Site: