Blade & Soul First Impact Preview

mainThe Blade & Soul first impact update just came out today featuring the Dark Bloody Shark Harbor raid, which is a 24 man open instance a bit similar to the 24 man version of the Stormy Sea Snake Supply Basement. There are a lot of new goodies that can be obtained in this new instance. If you're a big Blade & Soul fan and want to know the latest news on this game or simply want to see some super sexy n cute 1080p HD videos of this update then read more!

Dragon Stream Tour in Dark Bloody Shark

The new raid dungeon drops items a bit similar to the original 4 man version called Bloody Shark Harbor. The accessories and weapons that I have found in the this new zone seems to be as good as the original version. I kind of prefer the new look of the Dark BSH dungeon. It looks a lot more detailed than the original one and the whole night theme makes this dungeon look really awesome. If you haven't seen this zone yet, then go on ahead and check out my lengthy tour video right below.

The Dark Bloody Shark Harbor Tour Video

So what kind of goodies can players obtain from this dungeon? Players will be able to obtain the same outfits from the original version along with an extra white outfit. If you're lucky enough you'll be able to score the highest damage end game weapon in this dungeon. That's pretty crazy considering that end game gear is supposed to be hard to obtain mainly due to the fact that the original version has a 24 hour cool down period before a player can re-enter! Actually this new dungeon feels a lot easier than the previous 24 man raid dungeon that was release a few months ago. I believe PlayNC Korea released this dungeon because they are planning on debuting two new raid dungeons called The Ice Storage Warehouse and the new 6 man dungeon called The Spiral Labyrinth soon. Having personally tried out this new dungeon, I believe that PlayNC Korea is targeting the casual players of the game so that they can gear up very fast for the upcoming content this month.

Mini Bosses and Loot Comparison

I will try to explain how the loot system in this 24 man raid dungeon works. This is more like a PUG raid dungeon because once you have accepted the quest you will automatically get ported inside the dungeon. There are other ways to get your own guild in the dungeon but there is no need because of the unique loot distribution. If you're lucky you will crash land in a room/channel with a lot of players zerg rushing the bosses! Obtaining loot from bosses in this dungeon is very easy all you have to do is deal enough damage to a boss so that you will be able to obtain a boss box. For Example, if a player does enough damage to the last boss of Dark Bloody Shark Harbor they will get a purple box. Once they open the box, they will have to RNG their class specific weapon. If they managed to get their weapon, they will have to unseal it RNG style and hope for very good stats! Normal monsters in the dungeon drop a lot of good loot but most players are aiming for the keys. There are two types of keys in this dungeon, Blue and Purple key which are used for opening boxes obtained from bosses. These boxes contain a lot of good loot ranging from end game gear, high quality bopae, accessories, cosmetics, tickets used for purchasing outs, and etc.

Dark Bloody Shark Harbor Fighting Bosses

The Dark Bloody Shark Harbor also drops weird and funny types of equipment. For example, the crazy high damage weapon called Side-Effect is one of the highest damage weapon available at moment but wielding it in battle can have its' drawbacks. Every time you attack with this weapon, your character will automatically get a debuff. Once this debuff stacks up to 30 times, your total attack power decreases by 50%! The weapon comes with a message saying, "You have to slow down, especially if you're in a hurry!" Then there is another weapon which is called The Freezer, in exchange for high damage this weapon will randomly bind or slow down the enemy, which is very useful in PvP! There were a lot of other new things in this update but this should cover most of it. Hope you enjoyed another Blade & Soul cover story and see you next time!

Dark Bloody Sharks!

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