Closers Online Preview

mainNADDIC GAMES just released a new title called Closers Online - Dimension Conflict. It is an upcoming cel shaded combat MOARPG. Their development team consists of veteran people who previously worked on Elsword Online. The game currently runs on a self developed engine called "NKX" and it supposedly runs really fast at 80 FPS! The style and theme of Closers kind of resembles those cel shading anime looking games like Soul Work Online and Project NT. Anyway, come on be one of the first to read an in-depth preview of Closers right below!

Introduction & Gameplay Trailer

English Teaser Website
New Website January 18, 2013

Background Story

Many years ago Closers did not exist in the planet Earth, that is until the first alien invasion. The extra terrestrial beings did not appear from the sky or sea but through random Portals from all over the planet Earth. The citizens did not know how to defeat these unknown invaders. When the Portals opened some of the people realized that they have obtained some kind of special super human abilities. After they have realized that they can use their new powers to their advantage. The government decided to gather all of the psychics and fend off against the invaders.


Seha loves gaming!

The invasion was called the first Dimension War because it is the first time that this kind of event has taken place in their planet. After they have successfully fended off the alien invaders the psychics were given the name called Closers because they are the ones who are capable of closing Portals fight the bad guys.

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Yi Suel-bi using her telekenisis and throwing down a Gigantic RED BUS.

The UN made special organization called Union with the Closers who survived the first Dimension War. To prevent further chaos from around the world, the UN dispatched Closers to different countries. The Black Lamb is a specific team that is based on New Seoul in Korea. It is called New Seoul because all of the previous cities and continents have been destroyed and they had to rebuild everything.


Action Combat & Scenes

Playable Characters and Classes


Seha - "Can we just get this over with, I have a Raid Party at eight o'clock."

The first playable character is named Seha and he is a Striker class. His mother was a previous Closer agent. The Union says that he has the most potential out of their agents but he lacks interest in this line of work. His mother is one of the reasons he is in The Black Lamb branch. He loves playing video games and he is always prefer spending his free time gaming! Seha wields a gunblade type of weapon and can unleash all kinds of explosions and super strong counter attacks.


Yi Suel-bi - "I can do better than adults, just let me do this alone."

Yi Suel-bi is the second playable character and she is an assassin magician type of character. She was selected as a Closer because she was a top student in the Union Closer program. She is not as strong as the other members of her group but thanks to her hard work and effort, she was dispatched to the The Black Lamb. She is a mid range caster type of character and every time she hits the enemy, she will be able to perform extra attacks.


Seo Yuri - "My father said working for the government is the best."

The third character is named Seo Yuri and she wields a Katana and Handgun at the same time. She was born and raised in a normal family is very skilled in athletics. Seo Yuri did not realize that she had Closer powers until she was fifteen years old, which was very late. She is very inexperienced when it comes down to handling her own power thus she wields weapons of her choice like the Katana and Gun. She also uses special made protective gear as she is not used to this kind of work yet.


J - "Did anyone see the medicine I placed here? Oh my gosh *cough* *cough*."

The last playable character is named J and who is a very professional Closer agent that baby sits the newly formed group called Black Lamb. J is a very mysterious person, no one knows his age or name but The Black Lamb members are guessing that he is around thirty years old. He participated in the first dimension war so he is very skilled when it comes down to combat and war experience. He often takes medication even during combat. J doesn't use any weapons and sticks to hand to hand combat, he has the shortest range out of their team. In return, he can deliver devastating heavy blows to the enemy at such a short range.


Yu Jeong - "There are too many things to do but our budget from Union is too small."

Then you have your navigator type of character named Yu Jeong she is a really successful and highly experienced navigator from the Union. She is not a playable character but an NPC. Yu Jeong thinks that she was transferred to The Black Lamb group because of an incident that happened when she was drunk at the main Union branch. She doesn't handle kids very well so she often has headaches when it comes down to missions and dealing with the three high school students of the group.


Poor Yu Jeong

As for now there is only one team available for play but NADDIC GAMES is planning on adding a lot of new playable characters along with new teams in the future.