Blade & Soul Spiral Labyrinth

mainWhile everyone was out spending their Christmas and New Year vacation doing a lot of fun stuff IRL, I on the other hand spent most of my time tackling and learning the newly released Blade & Soul end game dungeon called The Spiral Labyrinth. I've always enjoyed playing around with new Blade & Soul content shortly after the release date. Some of you may have probably already seen the videos because I like to spoil my Youtube viewers with early sneak peeks but if you haven't seen it yet then come on over and check it out below along with my personal impression of the latest update.


Spiral Labyrinth Armor on Lyn Blade Master

You guys are probably wondering what the real deal is with Spiral Labyrinth right!? If it is really a random generated dungeon or what not. To explain things a little bit easier to you guys, this dungeon has three floors. At the end of each floor you are presented with a boss. I am not sure if they are planning on adding more floors in the future but the way things look, this dungeon seems to be finalized. The concept of this dungeon was to make it a bit more randomized so that players won't get bored killing the same old trash monsters and mini bosses. With that said, each floor has a lot of rooms. When your party enters the first room, you will have to kill a mini boss. Upon killing the first mini boss one of the following doors will open Door A or Door B, since this dungeon is supposed to be randomized only one of those doors will open. Once you get to the next room from, you will kill another mini boss and another Door A, Door B, or Door C will open. This process is repeated until you get to the end of that floor, then your party must fight the floor boss. It is called a "randomized" dungeon because the door automatically opens by itself leading you to different places each time. Unforunately, the final boss of each floor isn't randomized so you'll probably get bored bashing on the same boss over and over.

Spiral Labyrinth First Boss as a Destroyer

The first boss is really easy compared to the other ones which was kind of boring. The boss didn't really give much of a Minotaur feel at least to me. It would have been better if this boss was immune to grab or stun then it would have been actually quite challenging but in the end it was very simple fight. All you have to do is make the boss charge into one of the four doors located at the center of each wall. After that the boss will get stunned and you just beat the smoking junk out of it! I actually thought this fight was going to be more epic but it is just a normal DPS race, I was really looking forward to a real rampaging Minotaur wrecking havoc left and right. The boss also likes to summon lasers and random minotaur adds but that's not much of a problem once you get used to the pattern.

Spiral Labyrinth 2nd Floor Time Attack Full Run + Boss

Now onto one of the challenging parts of this dungeon. Your party must clear the whole second floor within fifteen minutes or else the door to the last floor will lock. This is pretty much a time attack run so dps/spam everything you got on all of the trash monsters and make your way to the last boss. Most of the mini bosses on this floor are fairly easy to kill compared to the previous one so if you're with a decent party, you'll be able to get by just fine. There are some rooms where you will have to jump from pillar to pillar, just as long as one of your party members makes it through the room it should be ok. The boss can be very challenging but with perfect coordination your party should do great! If you want to make this boss fight easier, just find a summoner that can micro fast and they can do all the work for the party. For those of you who want to learn more about this boss fight in detail go on ahead and check out the description in this video.

My static group runs a Force Master and Summoner so this boss fight was a piece of cake. It is really easy when the Force Master and Summoner sync and time their skills perfectly so that they can keep the boss stun locked. As you can see this boss dies a lot faster compared to the boss video above without a Summoner and Force Master in the party. Summoner is getting some love this time around, which is a good thing!

Spiral Labyrinth 2nd Floor Boss Only

The last floor has a lot less rooms for you to go through, which is a good thing because by the time you reach the 3rd floor you'll probably be tired of killing mini bosses and stuff. As for the last boss fight, it was a bit challenging but with enough practice the boss ended up being a piece of cake. I am too lazy to upload perfect run videos because as news reporter my job is to deliver stuff while it is fresh, so I uploaded the last boss video during my first few runs. PlayNC actually tweaked this boss earlier today making it a bit more challenging than ever. In what way? For one thing the after your party has successfully killed the Yellow Boss, the Blue boss will release sets of nova explosions a lot faster. That probably won't pose much of a problem but those little blue balls that fly around the map now stuns players making it harder to to kite the Blue Boss, while the rest of the team beats down on the Yellow boss.

Spiral Labyrinth Final Boss

So there you have it the latest end game dungeon for Blade & Soul Online. There is also another end game dungeon shown below called the Ice Warehouse. Though it is just one big room with a boss in the middle of it with an optional hidden boss to kill if your party has the "secret" items to spawn the boss. Now if you ask for my personal opinion about the new dungeons, I would say that it is good enough to keep players busy for a good month or two. Unfortunately, some of the rewards like the "bopae" isn't as awesome as the previous raid dungeon. Then again PlayNC Korea likes to tweak things often, so perhaps they will buff the "bopae" obtained from this dungeon in the future. To be honest this the last boss of this dungeon became a lot more challenging after today's patch. The only thing that I don't like about this patch is players will have to super duper hardcore farm their way into end game if they want the Legendary equipment. Not only that, they will most likely need to buy a lot of gold and farm trash monsters 24/7. The new dungeons are fun but I can't say the same for the new items, I really liked Blade & Soul because you can PvP without worrying about someone with super enchanted weapons. Though the latest patch added a weapon that can be enchanted up to tier seven but the materials can only be obtained from The Spiral Labyrinth. So you're pretty much have to farm this dungeon if you really want to have a chance on the upcoming PvP content. I hope it doesn't become a problem in PvP, especially with all of the upcoming PvP content like AOS/MOBA Team PvP this or next month. Blade & Soul is still exciting to me, I will keep playing and paying it monthly but if these weird updates keep going on I may have to stop.

Ice Warehouse

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