ArcheAge Adventures Part 1

mainArcheAge seems to be really popular in South Korea right now and with some extra free time on my hands I decided to play a bit of it. I actually got up to level 20'ish and did my first instance dungeon for the first time! The game seems to have improved a lot ever since the last time I played it. A lot of the previous dull looking areas have been toned around a lot and looks really pretty. If you happen to have some spare time on your hands, then come check out some of the highlights of my first week of ArcheAge Online!

Trade Market

The trading market looks really nice especially for future house owners, here you will be able to shop for blue prints for your future home, purchase animals, fences, furnitures, and pretty much anything you can think of. As you can see in the video above, there are miniature house models and life size ones available for tour.


My first bug encounter was rather awkward, I was running in place while I was mounted on my cute pet. It kind of looks cool, I haven't encountered this bug ever since it happened here so perhaps they hot fixed it or something.

Questing in the Jungle

I actually wanted to get out of the starting area as fast as I can, I never did like the Hariharan starting area. After a few hours of questing, I arrived at a place with much more life, the jungle! Oh just a little tip if you guys want to level up fast in this game, make sure you go over your quest objectives. Like if the quests tells you to kill 5 monsters, then go on ahead and kill 8 for the extra EXP boost. The same goes with collecting quests you should always try to collect and kill more than what is required.

Gliding Down & Sightseeing

I remember this place a year ago, the towers look a lot smaller than before... I swear I could climb higher but I couldn't find any higher towers other than this one. Anyway, this is the first big city that you will run across as the Hariharan or the Ferre race. There are like twelve quests around this area, I think? Just a bunch of running around, I decided to record the video for you guys so that you can see it for yourself. For those of you that are curious, you can find out what this place looked like two years ago by following this link.

First Look Dungeoning

The maximum amount of players that can enter the first instanced dungeon is three. I actually thought that you needed a healer for this dungeon but I guess you don't! This was my first time entering this dungeon so I was a bit scared, especially without a healer. In the end, we ended up dancing and kiting the boss around. It was a lot of fun, I would actually go again but the amount of exp earned from this dungeon was really bad. In the end my first week of ArcheAge was pretty good. I am actually leaning towards to paying the subscription fee if there is one after the Open Beta. Until then, I hope you enjoyed my mini adventures in the ArcheAge world and see you on the next one!

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