ArcheAge Adventures Part 2

mainI have been spending more time playing ArcheAge than Blade & Soul lately because it's a bit refreshing and playing way too much action games can become boring every now and then. My friends and I actually pre-ordered one month of ArcheAge to see how the game goes, so expect some coverage of this game here and there. With that said, it's time for some of my new ArcheAge Online adventures. Come on over and check out some of the new stuff going in the world of ArcheAge!

Smiting the Undead

I've always found questing to be one of the fastest ways to level up in ArcheAge and it seems like the fastest way to level is to find a duo partner and start plowing down all of the quests in the game. There are a lot of quests and the best of all the game itself is not linear. ArcheAge has a lot of hidden quests around the world and there many ways to level up other than questing. For example, you can earn loads of exp by exploring new areas, crafting, mining, farming, and etc.

More Questing

My character feels a little bit weak since I am am fully spec'ed as a tank, my original goal is to join a big guild and become super tanky to fend off some of the world bosses, which I will feature in future adventure articles. The strongest classes in the game seems to be AoE spec mages that can just AoE grind everything to death and spam AoE stuns and stuff. Then comes the heavy hitter Warrior/Thief combo, my friend seems to one shot mobs sometimes with her huge Great Sword. Which in turn inspired me to swap out my "magician" type class to the thief class making my character into a weird Tanker/Warrior/Thief combo class.

Cruising Around

I still haven't decided on what kind of boat that I will be constructing in the future, the trade ship seems promising because trading is a big part of ArcheAge Online. The only thing that woes me the most about trading is being PK'ed by other players and they end up stealing my package. Which has happened a lot of times and hearing their stories about it in world chat. To be honest, it has actually happened to me. I was rowing my super small ferry across to the other continent. As soon as reached the harbor I was attacked by a group of pirates, no not NPC's, real players! They ended up killing me and taking my quest package, I was a bit sad because I was rowing that small ferry for about twenty minutes T_T. The most horrifying thing about sailing the seas alone is being PK'ed by a group of players, nope the Kraken isn't scary at all!

Mining Bots

Gold sellers or farmers has struck again, this time the mining spots. I really hope they plan on banning the gold farmers often. Even if they end up IP blocking them, they will just use proxies or VPN to by pass the login stuff. It was really frustrating trying to farm and mine for my crafting materials with all of these bots running around. I ended up logging off and taking a day or two break from the game because I really didn't feel like questing and just wanted to craft.

Crafting & Leveling Up through it!

A few days later I came up with a plan to login right when the servers go up, which was the best plan ever because I was literally swimming with mining nodes everywhere. I ended up mining all of the materials I needed to craft my level 34 set. Instead of grinding my way to level 34, I decided to just craft my way there by creating a bunch of iron ingots and crafting armor. Crafting in this game is a lot of fun because there are multiple chances that your equipment can become high grade tier quality when it criticals. For example, you crafted a level 1 armor but it's a normal white tier quality. You can then craft that same level 1 armor and hope for a green color tier quality or higher or just upgrade that white tier to a level 10 armor and hope it turns out into a green color tier or higher. If you're lucky it can critical into a blue tier which actually happened in one of my armor pieces in the video above. To clear things up I am naked in the video because I was upgrading my level 30 armor to level 34!

Rocket Boats

That pretty much sums up my ArcheAge adventures last week, the game is going live this week so a lot of new stuff is going to be released. I will probably end up slowly questing and grinding my way to level 50 during my first month or slack off depending on the amount of games I have to test this month. Right now my main goal is to get to a level in which I can tank world bosses and instances, create a big boat, settle down in a nice place. It's really hard to find a nice place to set build a place because of the overwhelming amount of players taking up all the housing slots with their scarecrows used for farming. Trading a big part of this game so everyone has been rigorously trying to collect all of the coins earned from trading because they can be used to purchase future homes and useful stuff in the trading market. Anyway, I should leave before this gets way too long see you guys next time.

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