Black Desert Online Preview 2

mainThe latest Black Desert conference meeting had just ended and I got a lot of juicy new information along with a bunch of super HD screenshots and trailers for your viewing pleasure. As I have stated before on my previous article their game is almost complete, right now Pearl Abyss is focusing on adding extra content to their game so that they can keep their community busy. With that said, come on and check out some of the new things for Black Desert Online.

Black Desert Online New Trailer 1080p

The World

Black Desert Online is a seamless MMORPG, so there is no loading involved except when you are joining instances. They also revealed the climate and weather system, each region has a unique weather and climate that players will have to adapt too. For example, in the desert area players can raise a Camel and mine areas. In warm climate areas players will be able to farm and fish. Then there are areas that will be stormy, snowing, raining, typhoon, sunny, and etc. For example, if the climate of an area is very cold then it will start to snow or rain.


Cephlan Town

Players will be able to adventure by solo play, party playing, field raids, normal raids, raid dungeons, chasing, defense kind of games, siege warfare, guild vs guild, and a lot of cool other features.



Housing System

Since Black Desert Online is a semi-sandbox MMORPG, players will be able to build their houses in certain areas or rent places in cities or towns. They will also be able to purchase their houses through the auction house system. The house is fully customizable and can be filled with all kinds furnitures! The more objects and furnitures your place, the more NPC's will often stop by and become friendly with you. Like cooking? No problem, just set down the right furniture's and you can get started on cooking! The housing areas is limited so it's best to get your house early as possible. Though they said that they are implementing something so that players who join late in the game will have a chance in owning their own house through the "Reverse system." It kind of reminds me ArcheAge because there are a lot of players who started the game late and doesn't have a place to set their house down. If you're too poor to afford a house, you'll be able to get by just fine with a the tent system.

Housing Video


Serendia Town

Mounts & Possible Breeding System

Black Desert offers a wide variety of mounts ranging from horses, camels, elephants, donkeys, and carts. Pearl Abyss is still debating on whether or not they should add a breeding system in the game where players can breed certain mounts into special ones.


Beautiful White Mount

Trading System

The game also offers a trading system where players will be able to travel and trade goods from all over the world. Players can craft special items in certain areas and trade and deliver it to the other areas of the map. The trading map looks very handy, I wish ArcheAge also had a trading map to make things easier.

Trading System

Combat System

Black Desert offers two kinds of combat styles, the first one is the original third person mode that plays a bit similar to your action games like Vindictus, Continent of the Ninth, and Tera Online. The other combat mode is a bit similar to your average FPS game, or to make things easier to understand, it is a along the lines of The Elder Scroll series, where you can run around and fight in first person or third person mode. The latest trailer also showcases fighting and chasing down monsters while you're on a mount, which is cool. I've noticed that are a couple classes now which are Fighter, Magician, Archer, Predator, Tamer, Blader, Male Archer, Female Fighter(Valkyrie), and Male Wizard.


Tamer Summons


Predator in Action

New Stuff

Some of the new stuff I noticed in the trailer is a new class below called the Blader which is a Samurai type of class. Looks awesome! Then there is also a hint of a Male Archer, Female Fighter, and a really old Gandalf I mean Wizard. Perhaps they are removing the gender/job lock system or adding new classes in general? A lot of cool new monsters and a lot of gigantic big bosses in the trailer, I seriously hope they add some crazy big ones like the ones from Shadow of the Colossus, that would make things super exciting. Anyway, I might have more information later depending if I get lazy or not with translation hope you enjoyed the second Black Desert Preview!


The Blader Class


Valkyrie Class


Wizard Class


New Male Elf

Developer: Pearl Abyss
Publisher: DAUM Korea | GameOn Japan
Game Site: N/A