WolfKnights Online Debut

wolfknightsIMC Games the developers of Granado Espada just released a fresh set of screenshots for their upcoming newly announced MMORPG WolfKnights Online (Project G2). The screenshots was released by Kim Hakkyu who is well known for developing popular titles such as Ragnarok Online and Grando Espada. There really isn't much details about the game just yet, other than the obvious, it looks like another medieval title. Kim Hakkyu also mentions this title isn't related to Project R1 and that WolfKnights Online is a whole new project. Perhaps this is the main reason why the community hasn't heard of anything new related to Project R1. What do you guys think?




While this game looks great and all, I am pretty sure a lot of people are curious about Project R1. Rest assured though, Kim Hakkyu confirmed that they are working on both WolfKnights Online and Project R1 at the same time. Which means it is totally not abandoned just yet.






If you ask me, I think this is kind of a bad idea. We already have a lot of MMORPG's that look a bit similar to this title. Black Desert, ArcheAge, Bless, Icarus, and etc. The only way I see this game surviving, is if it offers something special that previous titles mentioned can't offer. Well, only time will tell, it is still too early to speculate things. The amount of graphics shown in the screenshots is good but not amazing good. Hopefully they release some kind of trailer or something more "unique" looking than this. Closed Beta is scheduled for summer so perhaps I will experience the game soon myself. Maybe I am just a harsh critic, what about you guys? See anything special?

Developer: IMC Games
Publisher: IMC Games
Game Site: N/A https://www.facebook.com/wolfknightsonline