Project Black Sheep Preview

projectblacksheepNeowiz Entertainment added another big title next to Bless Online on their list, the upcoming game is called Project Black Sheep and it is an action MORPG. The upcoming title is unique in its' own way but if I had to compare to another game, it is pretty much like Kritika Online's action packed combat gameplay meets Vindictus Online's destructible surroundings. Could this be Neowiz Entertainment's answer to the Bless community who were in search for action combat? Be one of the first to watch all of the latest trailers and an in depth preview of Project Black Sheep right below. I'm not sure about you guys but this doesn't really look that new to me, what do you guys think?


Project Black Sheep uses Vision Engine with special features that normal Vision Engine doesn't have to offer. With this kind of physics in play, players can use their imaginations to interact with the environment. Monsters now have different hit boxes like arms and legs. For example, players can break down dungeon walls and skip some areas. Which is a big plus for players who often get bored of the average linear dungeon system that MMORPG's has to offer.

Combat Related

The controls are as follows W, A, S, D to move around and the combat is pretty much like Kritika or Blade & Soul because during certain skills and combos it will ask you to press a certain key to follow up that combo. Most of the objects in the game can be carried, broken down, or used in combat. Sounds familiar to you guys?  The combat is non targeting action style so players can enjoy both single and AoE grinding. They didn't really say grinding, I thought it would be neat to put it there after a horrible experience with Action MMOPRG Red Blood Online. According to the developers "Each playable character has their own knock back and grappling skills so that they can kill the enemies faster." Watching the trailer and judging from the developers words, players might be looking at gender locked and pre made characters.

The developers points out that the grappling system will make this game much more exciting because they can throw monsters off cliffs to their death. Doesn't sound that special to me, I used to do that often in my old school console games like Double Dragon, old schoolers you feel me?! Another thing with the objects in the game is that they break on contact. For example, if you were to pick up a giant piece of plank and hit some kind of ogre with it, the giant piece of wood would break apart on contact.


The World

Project Black Sheep introduces a real time dynamic system where everything is randomized. Like the monster AI patterns, trap placement in dungeons, the environment situation changes depending on the weather and time, and etc. "Even if players were to repeat the same dungeon over and over, the dynamic system will keep them occupied." Neowiz didn't mention anything about the Open World system, I am assuming it is instanced based like C9 because the developer mentioned MORPG not MMORPG.



Neowiz is trying to achieve two medals, one with Bless Online aiming to be the top MMORPG. While the Black Project Online is aiming to be one of the best Action MORPG. Well, if you asked me the game looks like a little bit of of everything the world resembles a lot like C9, the destructible and grappling stuff from Vindictus, combo system from Blade & Soul and Kritika and etc. The graphics look really nice, I am looking forward to trying it sometime but not that excited about it. Ask your friends and let me know what you guys think.

Developer: Neowiz
Publisher: Neowiz
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