Vindictus Hurk The Berserker

hurklolMabinogi Heroes Korea aka Vindictus just released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming new character who goes by the name HURK The Berserker. *pause* Yeah, I know the name sounds really really awkward, I will just pretend it is short for Hercules or something. Hurk's primary weapon is a super huge Great Sword and the latest trailer makes him look bad ass. This is the first out of the many upcoming teaser trailers for Hurk so stay tuned for more. Also from what I hear, they are going to introduce 3 new raid dungeons in the Episode 3 update. Latest concept art along with the awesome Hurk video can be viewed below.


img ep3 conceptart 02 origin

img ep3 conceptart 11 origin

img ep3 conceptart 21 origin

img ep3 conceptart 22 origin

Teaser Page:

Developer: DevCat
Game Publisher: Nexon Korea / Nexon America
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