Vindictus Hurk Gameplay Preview

hurkHurk was just released in the official test servers for the Korean version of Vindictus aka Mabinogi Heroes. To my surprise, Hurk is a very agile character despite the big chunk of metal that he drags around with him. I actually thought that he was going to play much slower compared to Karok because he lacks the super muscles and all but I was so wrong. I've posted a couple HD+ gameplay videos along with a customization preview of the newest and hottest character right below. Perhaps they should call him Hunk the Berserker!?



Was in a bit of hurry creating my character so I left out the customization features for the eyes and body. If you have played Vindictus or Mabinogi Heroes before, then should be familiar with the sliders where you can make your character super skinny or super fatty. Sexy underwear? This will definitely attract some female users to the game, as for the guys I am pretty sure the chain mail is a good a choice or any underwear, it all looks the same to them anyway.

The Exp and AP rates was really high on the test servers so I tried to skip some of the lower level dungeons so I can show you guys a preview of Hurk without making him look OP. Unfortunately, I was still one shotting everything because of the weird AP and EXP rates on the test servers. Hurk is a very beastly character, he is like Karok + Lann together. He can shoulder charge at enemies, dodge attacks, counter, and he is very mobile because his Great Sword's wide swings. If taken advantage of, it be used dodge enemy attacks. One of my favorite skills is where I can smash an enemy in front of my character and send them flying back hitting the other enemies on the screen. He has a lot more skills and smashes will post them later in SteparuTV Channel.

I haven't played Vindictus in a very long time so I can't really give you guys a rating on how hard or easy he is to play. Instead I decided to make a video below showing off the timing on the counter skill. I tried all kinds to see if I can counter even when my back facing the boss, or very close to the boss, and etc. The window for the counter is very small probably less than .5 seconds, I forgot to check if it goes up the more you level. He has a slip dash feature but haven't fully tested if it has invul frames like the other characters. His cleaving range is so big that it's rare to miss a monster.

Depending on how busy I become, I am probably going to continue testing this character on the test servers until next week. I'd like to make a couple videos of how well he does against a raid boss and such, though I am sure there are much more hardcore MH players out there who are already on it. I did pay 10$ for a VPN service just to play and preview this character, so I suppose I should make use of it. Hope you enjoyed the mini preview and stay tuned on for more Hurk The Berserker videos.

Developer: DevCat
Game Publisher: Nexon Korea / Nexon America
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