Black Desert Online Beta Preview Part 1


The second day of the Black Desert Closed Beta had just ended for me and I am really eager to share a ton of information about the game. In today's Black Desert Preview, I will be going through the combat basics, death penalty, parkouring in town, and exploring. Please keep in mind that most of the content shown in this preview will most likely change in the future! As always, my previews contain a lot of HD+ videos so I hope you enjoy reading and watching as much as I enjoyed working on them.

Exploring the Starting Area - Very Green!

Black Desert Online is beautiful and massive world though the first few areas of the game is filled with a lot of green foliage, don't expect a change of scenery until later on. The real time weather system is a very nice feature, unlike most MMORPG's Black Desert still looks good at night! So far, I am impressed with the world. The starting area looks good, compared to the MMORPG's that I have played which lacked design and life. I haven't ran across any instanced dungeons just yet. Traveling from area to area without a mount takes a lot of time. Thankfully, you can run without losing stamina when you're out of combat. I was getting around 60FPS most of the time with my current PC Specs, hopefully they can optimize the game better for others in the future, so that they can enjoy the game in the maximum settings. The world is very detailed which comes at a price of performance.

Death Penalty - Losing Items

The game itself is very challenging some of the monsters have a lot more HP than others and hit a lot harder. How hard? I suppose they hit as hard as Vindictus monsters, so you'll have to keep up your game and dodge properly. This isn't a tank and spank game, at least for the ranged characters. If I were to take 3-4 hits from a medium sized goblin, I would be dead! When playing Black Desert Online, you really want to avoid dying. Captain Obvious much? No, I am serious because when you die in this game, you will drop random items in your inventory along with EXP at later levels. If you picked up a very expensive weapon, then randomly die to someones monster or get trained by another player. There is a random chance that you will lose that weapon or other items in your inventory! Sounds scary, I guess you will have to play it super safe sometimes. Tactical Retreat!

Combat Basics - (Ranger/Archer)

One of the common questions often asked by readers and viewers is how is the fighting or combat system is like. If I had to compare it to other titles that are currently out, I would say it closely resembles Continent of the Ninth X Vindictus. Monsters hit hard and taking too many hits at once can be devastating. The W, A, S, D keys are used to move around. Certain skills can be dragged to the quick slot key 1~0. Certain skills can only be executed by special actions such as the running and left click (run and gun), S + E key, F to F to S+F, F+W, Left Click Combos, Right Click x2 + Shift, and etc. It may sound confusing at first but it's very simple once you get used to it.

Now let's discuss how the combat really works! Each character plays differently my Left Click shoots pew pew arrows and my right click is for stabbing stuff with my short dagger. Then I have the F key for my sexy leg kick attacks Chun-Li style. My character uses up the EP system. Skills consume EP and the only way to obtain EP is to melee stuff with my dagger or wait for natural regen and perhaps potions. Try not to confuse EP with SP. SP is the white bar above skills. SP is consumed when dodging ( A, S, D + Shift key), auto attacking while running (Hold Shift+ Left Click), special skills (Running then Left Click or S + Left Click, running in combat , and more. SP regens almost instantly so make sure you dodge those attacks properly.

I was actually playing the Archer class wrong for a while, I was wondering why it was so weak! Then I figured out that you can charge skills for awesome damage. Players are also able to re-adjust the recticle and character position to where they like on the screen, which is a very cool feature. May not make sense, but watch my exploration videos and you will see what I mean! My thoughts on the combat is that it isn't so flashy but not so simple and boring. The only thing that would probably bother players is the seizure effects during certain skills.

Parkour in Big City - Assassin Creed Style?

I wanted to get a nice extended tour of a town along with the parkour system. It's not exactly Assassin Creed style, but it does come close to it. Hopefully they plan on working out the parkour system more to closely resemble AC series. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing right now if you were to compare it to other MMO's. The only disappointed players would have to be those who played a lot of Assassins Creed titles or extremely picky when it comes to perfection. However, as I have previously stated in my opening paragraph the game is still in its beta stages.

Playable Characters - Limited for CBT1

The first Closed Beta is very limited with customization, in fact it was actually disabled. I'd like to point out that there will be a better customization and a unique male/female counter part to each class shown in the previous Black Desert Teaser Trailers. Personally, I am looking forward to trying out the Valkyria and Samurai characters.

Closing Thoughts - My BDO First Date

While I had a lot of fun during my first day of testing, there are a couple of features that I would like to see patched during the beta test. One of the things that probably bothered me the most was the party system. Your party members didn't show up on the minimap and quest objectives didn't share. For example, killing a single goblin won't count for others in your party. Then there is the slight 1-2 second lag every time I brought up the big map! There are other broken stuff and minor bugs, but since this is the first beta, I would just let it slide for now. I'm looking forward to testing the game some more within the next few days and hopefully reach the beta level cap. I'm still debating on trying out the melee characters.