Black Desert Online Beta Preview Part 2 Housing


In today's Black Desert Online Preview I will go over the process obtaining a house in the Closed Beta. The the type of houses available in the first beta are Auctioned Houses. For testing purposes, they enabled Auctioned Housing in one of the medium sized towns in the game. Unlike most of my previews, the article below is going to be filled a lot of screenshots. Pre-load the images below and enjoy the article!

The Auction - Let the bidding games begin!

The Auction NPC is only available during the morning or afternoon time inside the game, so it's best to camp the NPC or at least know when he wakes up. Certain NPC's actually sleep in Black Desert Online, he won't be there at nighttime. In the first Closed Beta, the Auction only lasted for 40'ish minutes. You will need to be there early and stare at the prices go higher and higher. There is actually no point of bidding for a house early because someone will most likely outbid you and increase the price of the house.


The Auctioned Homes are very vague without any description on them and is arranged by #'s. A Blind Auction, unless you already scouted the house you're aiming for in town, which I will explain in detail further below. No option for buying out just yet. Participating in the Auction is fairly easy, all you have to do is talk to the NPC during Auction Time. Bid on the House you want specified by # shown in the picture below. If someone were to outbid you, then you will have to click on the 3rd tab to retrieve your money instantly (thumbs up icon picture below). You can then bid on that same house again or different one. I think you lose some gold for bidding, I couldn't really play around with it much because of a serious bug that occured.


The smarter players are most likely to rush the NPC during the last few minutes of the bidding process. The NPC is literally drowned out by other players and targeting it becomes much more difficult! Are you able to find the NPC and I in the cluster of players below!? After the Auction has ended, a player can then run to their home and see what they got!


Touring Houses - From Small to Large!

If you haven't seen the tour video above, then the screenshots below should give you guys a general idea on how big or small the houses can get. Players can arrange furnitures in their house as seen below and enable permissions on the items. They can also specify permissions on who can enter the house. For example, you can set it to Guild Members only.



Now that you have seen the difference, you're probably wondering on how you can get the best auctioned house in the game. The Auction system may not state on how big your house will be. Luckily there is a way to get around that. Houses actually have a text and # right on top of the door. You can use this to your advantage in scouting for a decent sized home. However, you will have to becareful because some houses may look big on the outside, but in reality you only get half of what you bought as seen below. I suppose this is what they call Town Houses in real life?




Closing Thoughts - My BDO 2nd Date

The housing system is still incomplete, according to past interviews players are able to setup item stalls in front of their house to sell items to the community. Perhaps it depends on what kind of house they buy or the location of it? This is the beta phase after all and a lot of things can change for the better or worst. The limited houses may become a problem in the future, unless player made houses comes into play. Unfortunately, the Auction NPC ate all of my gold so I was unable to play around with the housing system as much as I would like. Losing a lot of gold will probably set me back a bit, but that won't stop me from playing BDO the next day! If all goes well, I will have some Guild Battles and Siege Warfare videos soon.