Black Desert Online Beta Preview Part 3 GvG & PvP


My 3rd day of Black Desert Online had just ended and I am here to share my thoughts on how the PvP and GvG system works. I will try to go describe every detail on how the system works ranging from castle sieges, player killing, player vs player, guild battles, losing exp and items, and more. I'm also going to be throwing out some personal opinions about the GvG system. PvP in Black Desert Online is actually exciting at the same time frustrating because of the heavy death penalties.

The System - How It Works

For beta testing purposes the GvG session lasted for three hours long. During this time, the first Guild to take over the castle wins. How does a guild take over a castle? Right when the event started, all the guilds started attacking each other outside the safety zone in town and on the way to the castle, it was very hectic. After reaching the castle, your guild must break down the first door. Then destroy the 2nd inner door within the castle. Once those two doors are down, you just charge in and rush the statue that has a ton of HP. The first guild that destroys the statue will obtain the castle. After a guild succesfully takes over the castle, other players that are not in that guild or alliance will automatically get kicked out of the castle instantly spawning them in town. The castle doors will respawn and from here on out, they will have to defend until the event time is over.

Alliance System - Zerg it up?!

In the end we managed to take over castle because of our overflowing numbers! My guild and our allied guild managed to take over the castle once, lost it again to a small high level guild with 30 players or so, then reclaimed it again before the event ended. From experience, levels make a huge difference in this game. I was getting destroyed by one of the higher level guilds with three to four attacks. While I was barely scratching them, the best possible solution for me at the moment was to run away. If you watch some of my videos carefully, you will notice a high level Giant owning a bunch of my guild members. There are rumors saying that the amount of castles is limited to 12 per server. Make an overpowered alliance and help each other out to monopolize all the castles? Perhaps, that might be a problem. Unless sieging hours vary per castle and is not shared globally between all castle. Possible to make it permanent siege mode, but that may become a bit of problem for ninja guilds, steal em while everyone is asleep.

PvP - Player Killing and Trolling

The test only lasted for three hours and once it started, players can freely attack other guilds that aren't allied with them. Which means, the whole world is going to be a seamless open world skyrim like FFA, PvP, or PK during this time. There are some safe zones btw. If you want to be a meanie, you can gank someone leveling up or grinding instead of taking over castles. Just as long as they are in a guild, they will be vulnerable to PK. Of course, this is just the first Closed Beta so they are still experimenting with all the possibilities and best way to deal with the situation perhaps you can declare war with other guilds or the option is already available, I was just randomly kidnapped in a KR guild. Not that it matters, PK is PK lol. Personally, I don't mind, but we all know there are a lot of Troll Guilds out there who would go out of their way and grief smaller guilds who are trying to casual around. Why farm monsters, when you can farm players steal their equipment and make them lose EXP for fun. Thanks for the new armor and weapon, bro. It would be neat if they added a "hardcore" server with PvP always on and permanent death.

Conclusion - Good Enough for Now!

GvG was really laggy for me, I assumed it was worse for other players. Perhaps because the game is Skyrim like seamless world and it's literally right next to a heavily populated town. From the looks of things, a guild of high level players can take on a zerg guild but after awhile, they won't be able to hold off a properly coordinated attack between two large sized guilds. There are a lot of choke points in certain areas of the castle. There is only one castle available during the first beta, I hope they new ones that look nice and not just a copy paste of this one. What are your thoughts on this system? How would you like to see it improved or just keep it the way it is.

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