Red Blood Online Preview

rbmainRed Blood Online may sound a bit familiar to those of you who keeps up to date with your foreign gaming news.  It was very popular back then since it was one of the first fe w games that released a trailer featuring fast paced Online Action RPG.  Gorilla Banana has released a lot of new information along with media assets of Red Blood Online their first game as a company together.

Official Trailer 01

Official Trailer 02

First of all most of you guys would want to know whether or not this game will be free to play or pay to play.  According to Gorrila Banana, Red Blood Online will be a free to play game.  Now you're probably wondering if this company is awesome enough to deliver this game since they are indeed a new company.  Gorrila Banana has a lot of staff members almost around 50 and some of their staff members have worked on previous games like LineageII, RF Online, R2, And SUN Online.


Red Blood may look like your average Action RPG but it's not just pure hack and slash.  The unique feature that is presented in Red Blood Online is the randomly generated instances that you and your party can join so that you aren't bored of running the same dungeon over and over.  There are also different types of puzzles and a bunch of quests that you will come across your journey.

01 02
03 04

I must say the game has gone through a lot of big improvements since the last time I have heard and read news on this title.  There are different kinds of quests that will be implemented ingame like normal quests, daily quests, and epic quests which is more focused on the story line of Red Blood.


Red Blood will also feature a PvP system for the players are that are blood hungry and enjoy killing other players just for kicks.  PvP between the different factions and countries that you pick.  There is also an Arena where you can compete against other players! "What Arena?!" I know what you're thinking... *shakes head*


Though the game looks like it is almost ready all we can do for now is wait for the official korean website for this game to go up and live.  Let's hope it comes out sometime this year.  Another game to add to your most anticipated fast paced AORPG games.

Developer: Gorilla Banana
Game Publisher : BIG SPOON
Game Site: