Berkanix Online Teaser!

berkmainA very mind blowing teaser has been released on SONOV Entertainments upcoming Sci-Fi MMORPG Berkanix Online.  The six minute trailer features a lot of gameplay content ranging from large scale battles, boss fights, jet packing action, awesome skills that may have you saying "lol DMC", and many more that I don't really want to spoil for you.  I've been pretty much sold out on waiting for this game now after watching that trailer.  Rumors say Open Beta testing will start some time around this year during the winter season.  Come check out the trailer below if I got you curious on what this game is about!

Berkanix Online Teaser

The game will be published by SONOV Entertainments own game portal publisher called Game Nolto.  You can view their website at, if you are interested in checking out their other game line ups.  It would probably be a wise to make an account for this company if you don't already have one before they get stricter on the registration process.

Developer: Sonov Entertainment
Game Publisher: Sonov Entertainment
Game Site: