Yulgang 2 Online [MGAME2009]

yulgan2MGAME2009 released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming game called Yulgang 2 Online.  The CG video shows a little preview of a few upcoming playable jobs which looked like swordsman, elementalist, overpowered bard, friendly monk, and sneaky assassin. There will probably be more jobs along with a deeper explanation of the whole large scale battle system, different factions, and the unexplainable scene at the last few seconds of the teaser.  Yulgang 2 Online will have a lot of features ranging from an RvR System, lots of quests, PvP, and many more!  If you are looking to try a new foreign oriental game this year then you should probably wait for this game.  Closed Beta Testing is scheduled at the end of this year.

Yulgang 2 Online CG Trailer

Developer: KRGsoft Entertainment
Game Publisher: http://www.mgame.com/
Game Site: http://yulgang2.mgame.com/