War of Dragons [MGAME2009]

dragonWar of Dragons - Age of Dragons Online is one of the five upcoming new games presented at Brand New MGAME2009.  WoD Online will have a total of eight playable races.  The theme of the game is set on a medieval fantasy world.  The game will feature  PvE, PvP, RvR, Aerial PvP,and Aerial PvE.  War of Dragons will also have a castle system for some RvR action along with different factions/unions between the races.  The teaser revealed a few dragons and what they would look like ingame though I feel it was a bit lacking of dragons for a dragon game.


War of Dragons Online Promotion Video

However the promotion video didn't deliver a punch to me.  The first half of the video was interesting but the second half of it just had me turned off.  If I had to rate all five videos in their presentation this would be probably my last choice.  They should have stuck with making more air fights and more dragon gameplay in the video sticking with the whole dragon concept for all the dragon fans of this dragon type of game.  (Yes, I said dragon a lot.)  Maybe if you could have summon dragons in that dungeon to fight by yourside it would have been epic ;x and crazy harder bosses!

Game Publisher: http://www.mgame.com/
Game Site: http://wod.mgame.com/