Warbane Gameplay [MGAME2009]

warbaneWarbane - Rising of Darkness is one of the more better looking games presented at Brand New MGAME2009.  The promotion video shows a lot of ingame footage and a few seconds of actual gameplay revealing the early UI build.  This game may interest those who are craving a game with a bit more darker gothic evil theme in it.  Warbane will have a unique class/job system that will be different than your average MMORPG.

Warbane Online Trailer

Warbane is supposed to be a Wild Fantasy type of Online game and I guess it is pretty wild just like the end of that promotion trailer.  This would be my second or first pick next to Argo Online in MGAME's new upcoming line up.  If I had to compare the game I would say it looks a little bit like Dungeons & Dragons Online mixed in with some DOOM FPS monsters.  Maybe it's just the game theme and skinning but it looks fun to try out.

Game Publisher: http://www.mgame.com/
Game Site: http://warbane.mgame.com/