Valiant Online CBT Preview

mainMGame Korea's Valiant Online CBT just ended a few days ago. The 3D side-scrolling action game has a couple fun features that differs it from all games in the same genre. For example, the only way to kill some of the bosses in the dungeons is by executing a finishing combo blow that requires precise key actions, a bit similar to a "Fatality" move in Mortal Kombat. Aside from the extra cool stuff that makes this game different, there are also some features of the game that needs a little bit more polishing. Check out the short CBT preview and first hand impressions of Valiant below.

Character Creation

Character creation is a little bit sophisticated. There are different types of tribes that you can pick from, like "IRL" most of the skin tone color is limited per tribe. But you aren't limited to one or two skin tones per tribe so you don't have to worry about looking alike everyone else. If you're interested in checking out how the full character customization works, check out the video above.

Newbie Town

Valiant Online has a lot of quests, at least in the lower level parts of the game. I often found myself picking up five to six new quests in town.. Grinding levels wasn't all that hard or too easy, let's hope it stays at a decent pace through out the middle and higher levels of the game. One of the cool things in Valiant Online, was the feature where you can beat up certain monsters to low hp then ride them, like dragons. A bit similar to that old school game called Golden Axe! The monsters you ride have a primary and secondary attack. Just ride em monsters til they die or you get bored of them. Then you just dismount, and kill them! muahahah!

You can use multiple weapons for your main character in Valiant Online. For example, you can equip your F1-F3 keys with different weapons per slot. You can have a total of 3 active weapons equipped like, Sword and Shield would be your F1 key, then 2 hand sword for your F2 key, and a Staff for your F3 key. If you keep using the same weapon over and over, you will end up leveling your weapon mastery in that weapon. When you become more proficient with that certain weapon type you are leveling, then you can purchase new skills from the specific weapon type trainer. I thought this feature was pretty nifty, some players can advance into hybrid type characters if they wish.

Valiant Online Newbie Dungeon

Unfortunately, I didn't play this CBT long enough to give it a proper CBT review. However, I thought the game was still lacking a couple elements. I think the graphics could use a little more work. There are times when the game looks very beautiful, then there are moments where the game lacks design. Meaning, the graphics presented in this preview aren't all that compared to all the other dungeons and future towns. If you are playing this game from overseas, you will experience a noticeable lag delay between your combo'ing which can mess you up sometimes. More graphical customization would be fun, and more real time combo and finishers. Definitely looking forward to the next CBT of Valiant, maybe then I will have played it enough to write a CBT review.

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