Kritika Online Debut Trailers

mainKritika Online is one of the more interesting upcoming games that was recently presented in Hangame Ex 2011. Kritika Online was developed by the same company that brought you the popular action game LuniaZ Online. If you're looking to try out a new epic stylish looking action MORPG then you've got to check out the two crazy gameplay trailers that was just released below. Aside from the awesome looking skills and combos, your character can also use crazy looking special attacks and finishers on mobs as seen on the trailer. This upcoming game seems to be very fast paced, I've always loved games that require fast key responses. If you're like me, you might end up watching the trailer more than once since everything went by so fast!

Kritika Online Gameplay Trailer 01

Kritika Online Gameplay Trailer 02

Developers: allm games
Publishers: NHN Hangame Korea
Game Site: