Tera Online DOTB 1st Report

At first I thought most of the expansions content was pretty easy, but if you watch the videos below. You will find that I am mostly struggling keeping myself alive, so much epic battles. It's a bit harder to solo elite huge monsters now without dying a couple of times, still very challenging even after learning it's moves fully. Check out one of the first huge bosses that you will encounter in the new expansion below. You can cheese some of the story monsters, but I found that out a bit too late. Hopefully, you won't since I will be explaining how it works and it's features below.

Ouchie Boss

Another cool thing included with this expansion is the ability to make missions a bit easier to finish, but of course I fail at remembering to use the items, especially when it comes down to the more critical situations. Alot of users complained that they couldn't get by doing story and missions alone. Bluehole being awesome friendly, made things a bit easier by adding a new feature in the game. You can now throw bombs at "Mission/Story Monsters", this specific bomb will make the monsters weaker but you won't be getting any experience points or drops from them. These bombs are obtained only from repeatable quests, and only work on specific monsters. So don't go thinking you can complete a normal yellow elite quest with them, because you will get face roll'ed if it doesn't have any effect on em.

Field Mission Questing

Everyone is probably wondering how the grind is from level 50-58, from my experience it isn't that bad so far. I am currently level 55 and taking it very slow. I gain as much as a level a day which is pretty casual, I've asked my guild mates how long it took them to level up if they were to hardcore the game. They said it that it took them about three to four days, sounds a bit crazy but I believe it's possible. Unfortunately, I did not want to zombie to 58 this time around. I have to be busy with keeping you guys updated right!?

Solo Questing

There is still so much more content to cover in this game, I would say I have only explored and done about 30% of the new content. You've seen a couple of field missions and questing so what kind of content will I preview tomorrow? Hmm not sure, that depends on what everyone wants! Maybe a bunch of instance videos might be awesome, yes? Look forward for the next Tera Online Destruction of the Beasts 2nd Report tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed my first report as I have enjoyed writing it up for you. If you can't wait a day for a new report, then go on ahead check out SteparuTV Channel for the exclusive early access on the upcoming HD 1080p Tera DOTB videos.

Running Around Missioning

Developer: BlueHole Studio
Game Publisher: Hangame Korea
En Masse Entertainment
Game Site: http://tera.hangame.com/ / http://www.tera-online.com/