Tera Online DOTB 2nd Report

Level 53 Mission Instance

To be honest I was a bit scared of humiliating myself while recording this dungeon, it was my first run, but then again most of the videos that I record are usually my first play through of the game. This instance was pretty easy to beat, since I finally figured out how to use the mission bombs properly. If you are unsure what mission bombs are then you can read my previous Tera DOTB report or watch the video very carefully. My friend was also kind enough to give me a heads up on what to expect in the dungeon above, so thanks to her IGN (Rabbit) the dungeon was a bit of a breeze. It also helped that Bluehole decided to recycle the monsters and the boss in this instance. This put me at ease knowing that I already knew how to react to all of the monsters attacks. Tsk tsk Bluehole getting lazy!? Just kidding, I just hope I won't see a bunch of recycled monsters in the near future, or I will go explode.

Level 54 Instance Dungeon

This is the second instance that you will probably run across in latest update, a pretty crazy looking dungeon! It's a good thing that I came prepared with a bunch of weakening bombs to make my first run a bit easier, even then, I still had my troubles! I'm so bad at aiming these bombs properly. I almost died a bunch of times because I didn't know what to expect or what the heck was going on! They kept coming wave after wave, and I didn't even have enough potions with me. Like a lost little rabbit, I didn't expect the huge boss at the end, so I tried my best to guard my way to victory.

Item Sealing and Unsealing

Another cool feature in the latest Tera update is the option to seal and unseal items. Most of the newer items that you will pick up have a question mark sign above it's picture icon. This means that the item is sealed, and you will need to buy an unseal scroll from your average NPC item shop. Unsealing items gives you random stats for your weapon or armor. If you happen to not like the current stats your equipment gives, then you can reseal it by buying the other item. Then you can unseal it again to get a different stats. This is very helpful for players who want to get good stats for their weapons without having to buy another one! What's the catch!? There isn't really one unless you are trying for an Emblem seal. The cheaper seal and unseal scrolls has a very small chance of giving your equipment an Emblem symbol. While the more expensive seal and unseal scrolls have a bit better of a chance to receive an Emblem mark, but at the cost of the items life when you are sealing it. I haven't had the chance to play around with the expensive scrolls much other than the video above, about once or twice, since I am a poor person! On the other hand, my other unlucky friend recently experience seal explosion! Her item blew up when she was using the expensive sealing item, most unfortunate.


Emblem vs Normal

So why bother getting an emblem mark on your equipment you say? Look above! Other than for its epicness, you can +12 these baddies! According to my friend the base damage goes up, you get to enchant your weapon further, and extra damage from enchanting also increases. There are probably other things I may have missed, but I am pretty much Zombie mode now. I was going to go into the Egg System, but I will end this report get some rest, the sun is shining down on my face. I might delay the third report a day or two depending on how things plan out in my schedule,so look forward for it. Hope you enjoyed the 2nd report, and see you on the next one!

Developer: BlueHole Studio
Game Publisher: Hangame Korea
En Masse Entertainment
Game Site: http://tera.hangame.com/ / http://www.tera-online.com/