ArcheAge Special Preview of Sailing

We finally arrived at the Northern Continent and beat the game, just kidding. We took a quick glimpse at the continent, before the servers went down for the day. Most of the areas around here weren't claimed yet, so guilds who wants a chunk of land come on by! By the looks of things and end game content for this beta, I think it's about time Yukey and I go on about and join a guild. As for now we will halt further sea adventures until we finished building our next ship, the one with a ton canons!

The Expedition Part 6

It's a bit of relief that we didn't run into any scary huge looking monsters during our voyage. At the same time I kind of felt bummed out, as I am a very curious person when it comes to certain things. The Northern Oceans seemed pretty dead like the title itself. I was hoping that there would be some crazy weather effects, tsunamis, lots of big monsters, random pirate NPC's, whirlpools, pillaging action, and etc. Maybe I have been watching way too much One Piece lately. Let's hope they spice up the oceans and make it more exciting in the future, after all ArcheAge is a game with endless possibilities.

Extra Expedition East to West Continent

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